t»**v «r «*0 - » ** ' U * r rn Jf** ''*" w >« W *••W « > . *» ,* * •„* » * »„ •e Left: Several students from Mr. Oertel's ses traveled to Iowa City to listen to Ted Ken« =ow: Dot Pospischil, Frank Young, John Oertel. :m Row: Paul Schenkelberg, Tom Myers, and *nen he spoke at Hancher Auditorium. Above tt. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT MEMBERS, student teacher Rene Naughton. Above: Linda Carlson, Kathy Wilford, and Julie Cron are talking over an interesting fact about "sensory storage." Right: Boy, whatever it is, it sure must be interesting! Mr. Myers explains to Joanne King and Pam Ritchie how to plan their project. Social Studies 31

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