School Publications Make Changes There have been many changes in the school newspaper and yearbook. Both have a new look. The newspaper has a new size of print. The new format makes it look more streamlined and professional. The yearbook is arranged in chronological order instead of by categories. Having a new publisher will also change :ne looks of the 1980 yearbook. To sell yearbooks, the staff had a pubcity campaign. All the members wore special t-shirts. There was also a record give-away. The cafeteria was “picketed” to make sure everyone bought their yearbook. The yearbook staff meets every Wednesday after school with co-sponsors Jean McMenimen and Roxene Schreiber. Since everything can’t be done at meet - ings, most staff members work on the yearbook in their spare time. The school newspaper, Hawk Talk, is distributed to every homeroom ten to twelve a year. To get ideas for stories, they brainstorm. Everyone thinks of several ideas. The best ideas become the topics of stories. There was a special edition of the newspaper called the Chicken Hawk. It contained parodies written by composition classes. The students liked it but the adults didn’t. Sponsor Nancy Talbot said, “In spite reruns, deadlines, broof problems — ken arms — we had a lot of fun. We learned a lot in producing the Hawk Talk." Top: HAWK TALK STAFF, Front Row: Art Hartin, Mike Terpkosh, Paula Hernandez, Danny Gray, Dawn Maresh, Becky Andrews. Second Row: Kyle Vondracek, Keely Vondracek, Cheryl Lowther, Jenise Stolba, Teresa Baker, Lynn Saddoris, Sally Shramek. Back Row: Gayle Loomis, Kathy Watts, John Randles, Patti Franc, Connie Clark, Cindy Thrap, David Kraemer, Kevin Rigdon. Above: YEARBOOK STAFF, Front Row: Gayle Loomis, Kyle Vondracek, Keely Vondracek, Debbie Ashbacher, Cheryl Robbins, Amy Greenlief, Kathy Pehkonen. Second Row: Laurie Eden, Kathy Watts, Stephanie Hohensee, Darla Snell, Kathy Gause, Susan Reid, Rhonda Chesley. Back Row: Mike Terpkosh, Danny Gray, Kevin Rigdon, David Kraemer. Right: Danny Gray supervises as David Kraemer makes an announcement about yearbook sales. A special thanks to Kevin Brown for designing the Yearbook cover. I

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