What would you say Dot and a visitor are doing in the picture (right)? A) Stopped in suspended animation E Talking “defense” plans student from Cornell College. . ' C) Discussing Kennedy’s campaign 's campaign with Paul Doucette, a .’ ns:are Melanie Gade and Patti Franc . n the color game, one of the experi-nswer: C, discussing Senator Ted Ken-ec doing? -nswer: ^atti is trying to “ Guess the Coles ments being done in psychology classes zea sciousness. . - g with different states of con.‘no is the tall new guy from La Salle? Is ~e a senior or a teacher? Answer: Mr. Schenkelberg, the new social studies teacher and sophomore oasketball coach. What happened in 1492? - - 5 .‘.er Columbus discovered America. Who is the current ^airie? - -swer: Mr. John Oertel. The current Answer: Newsweek. Who is the “ancient at Prairie? Answer: Mr. Frank Young. ' Above Right: Dot Pospischil and Paul Doucette, a Cornell College freshman from California and a representative for the Kennedy Presidential campaign discussing election issues. Above: Melanie Gade and Patti Franc are playing the color game. How many did you get right, Patti? Right: Cecilia McCrea, John Ely and Rachelle Hartman are using their imaginations. Test Your Social Studies Know How

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