Far Above: To have a winning season, a team needs :ame that consists of the three basic offensive -; es: bump, set, and hit, as shown by Jill Johnn Theresa Zalesky, and Nancy Cisar, respec. p-r y. Above: Front Row: Julie Hofmaster, Roberta Grommon, Susan Dryden, Dian Gallagher, Tammie Jones, Jackie Sheely, Carol Buresh. Second Row: Robin Schumacher, Theresa Zalesky, Joyce Snyder, Susan Reid, Jeni Pederson, Diane Mouchka, Margie Rigel. Back Row: Coach Frank Young, Shauna Holthaus, Sherry Klimes, Nancy Cisar, Peggy Reid, Jill Johnson, Amy Bubon, Laurie Welty, Kathy Nearad, Stacy Ditch, Heidi Anderson, Susan Misfeldt, Denise Maresh, Assistant Coach Ruth Hatcher. Volleyball 29

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