Mr. Leeper Is an Old Face in a New Place Many of you may have known Mr. s taken on the job of administrative Leeper as a P.E. teacher, but this year he' assistant. Mr. Leeper misses certain aspects of teaching. The student contact and competitive games that he taught in P.E. were enjoyable and challenging, but he likes planning his own work schedule. He likes his new position very much. He feels that Prairie students are enjoyable and challenging. Most of the students accept discipline when they have it coming and he respects them for it. He enjoys trying to help students with their problems. Often in helping the students it's difficult because there is no immediate answer. Patience in dealing with the problems isn’t always easy. Mr. Leeper was also a football coach, girls’ gymnastics coach, Junior High basketball coach, and is still the track coach. He feels that coaching is a great opportunity to get close to Prairie stu - dents. By working with them it is possible to see results. It’s very rewarding to him to see the athletes excel in their areas of interest. One of Mr. Leeper’s favorite hobbies is hunting. He hunts grouse, pheasants, quail, and ducks. Training dogs is another hobbie. He owns a yellow labrador and two English Setters. He’s also involved in trap shooting. The shoots usually offer prizes or money. His best day was when he won $800. Mr. Leeper has noticed good progress in the growth of girls ’ athletics, changes in dress codes, changes in school policy and procedures, equal rights, and expansion of curriculum for students’ needs. He attended Washington High School in Washington, Iowa. He went to Wartburg College and received a BA, also Oklahoma College where he received an MA. Mr. place, its students and its teachers. I think they are very unique and very special. They care about kids, really care!” Above: Ken Steine finishing his 6th year as principal. Above: Associate Principal, Athletic Director ar Coordinator of work study is Mr. Bob Jennings. Leeper' s comment was, “ I’ve been teaching fifteen years now, and all of those have been at Prairie. I love the

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