' :mmy Latuska — Babysitting, watches tzotball and basketball, paints, and ski- g and swimming at their cabin in Delhi. :=rol Buresh — Likes participating in summer outdoor activities, going to par- es and being around people, going . topping, watching T.V., reading, baking ;nd sewing. =' an Buresh — . f f f Beisker — Likes to work with his -ither building houses. His hobbies are Sft ng weights and swimming. Likes to work on his •v* 1; he coaches Little League Baseball *' : idy Hasley — d participates in sports at the YMCA. Enjoys living in the :: jntry, loves to go camping and hiking - Vark Johnson — r :bert Larson — Enjoys photography izcecially sports photos, wrestles and : a /s basketball. Likes to go to parties # *h friends, listening to music, riding - atorcycles, and snowmobiles, snow i' d water skiing and watching TV. •:ki Harris — Likes to roller skate, go to d spend time with friends. - zvies, watch soap operas, play softball ; * Donna Zach Debbie Zigler <:a Netolicky — Bowl, write letters, talk : - the phone, watch TV, and movies. >neen Young — a on phone and go to movies. Bowl, go shopping, Laurie Woodward Deneen Young Daron Zach Julie Zach the mountains, collects depression Iass and loves to bake. Sam Wilson Tricia Wilson Chris Winn Curt Woods Dean Weis Brook Weldon Jamie Wiederhold Roger Williams Rob Walters Webb Wassmer Sandra Weber Karen Weeks Karen Wade Bret Wagner Tom Waldrep Randy Wallerich a :-lomores Not Pictured I - -nsCiha r 5 :rt Douglas Fite 4inGudenkauf :i Howell _ S'i'on Mayfield j : Morgano :: <J Obadahl V Reddick . Above: Carol Buresh brushes up on her typing skills. Sophomores 25

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