Below: Keith Emmons, Julie Bell, Cindy Landtiser, and Bob Miller having a great time at one of the school dances . Julie Hofmaster —- Likes to go bowling and to movies. Babysits with her sister. Bret Wagner — Hunts, mostly deer, likes V.., listens to music, Scott Serovy — Watches T. V., lifts weights, runs,and bowls . Kathy Potter movies, and detassles. Colleen Vavroch — sles. Marie Schmitz shop. Steve Sherard Harold Shoemaker KrisShramek Teresa Simmons Lynn Simonsen Bonnie Smith TomSmith V Patty Smyth Joyce Snyder Stephanie Spyr Robyn Stacey Brian Stallman Patti Stallman Tom Stallman / / Eric Stark Lisa Staskal John Steichen Lori Stockton Penny Stolba Ami Storm WardStrang Ed Streeter Penny Svec Vince Swallom Gary Swartz John Swehla Jeff Taylor Linda Thome -ra - KimTjelmeland Tim Townsend Steve Unash Colleen Vavroch Karen Vileta John Volk John Wachal £ 1 24 Sophomores UK Jf . l / 3 4 " k< i h U< - - V 1 / as? - : - i *I~ . • * 1t \y 7 . m i TZ y TA . ¥ a T-' i v — — Sews, church, pen pals, likes to travel, detassles in the summer . Jeni Pedersen — Sews, knitting, goes to Works at the Ox Yoke Inn in Amana, goes out, golfs, and detas Likes to go out anc - the outdoors, works on grandfather’ s farm, watches T plays string instruments, and went or RAGBRAI.

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