Below: Kathy Potter, flag girl, marches with the band at half time. -eggy Fry — • Plays piano and clarinet, - elps teach Sunday School and collects -ays from different states they travel in. holly Kemmerer — Works part time as a 'ay carrier at Bishops. Attends Bible jdies. Also likes to run a couple of 5‘ mes a week with friends. Brook Weldon — Nancy Gilbert — Likes to jog, go to moves and shop with friends. Sometimes rabysits. :*acey Carlo — 'ding. - dyn Chesley Her hobby is horseback — Works at Hardees, likes r ft weights and train hunting dogs. Ion Lewig — Helps his father on their -arm. Goes on long bike rides when he irts the time. Scott Douqhertv — Fnjoy« building ni?cTom Cowell — Likes playing softball and golf, hunting, swimming, watching T.V., mowing lawns and going to parties. Likes to roller skate and works on cars, he also watches girls. Tami Everett — Becky Datta — Works at the Dairy Queen full time in the summer. She likes to swim, ride horses and ride her bike. Her hobbies are swimming, bowling, and horseback riding. Julie Cach — likes to go shopping and to cook. 9* 1 .... ,^V. 3 1 ^ * 1 S * Mr W = d V JtT 1\ KJ \ r 1 r>; i. * . d i Robyn Schumacher Laurie Schwab Kim Scott Sam Selzer Shirley Serbousek Scott Serovy Gerald Shepherd <1 - 4 1' y i TT" I V Dawn Roy Scott Sanders Mike Sankot Marie Schmitz Rob Schorg Brian Schrader Dean Schrader Lisa Prunty John Rammelsberg Peggy Reid Dale Reif Kent Rigdon Margie Rigel Martin Ross r wr Scott Penrod Kelly Perrin Brett Peterson Mike Pond Jim Porter Kathy Potter Rebecah Potter Babysits for extra money, tic car kits, going to movies and out to eat. Lives close to Westdale and walks over frequently. Bruce Kimpston — Works by helping farmers, likes playing basketball, going to church. Sophomores 23

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