Joyce McCrea Micky McKay Brian McNeal Julie Melsha * Kristen Meskimen Mark Meskimen Debbie Messer Pam Meyer Daryl Millard Bob Miller Rhonda Miller Debra Mitchell Jim Moore Patty Moran Tracy Munson Scott Murray Kathy Nearad Ida Netolicky Philip Newhard Jens Nissen Valorie Nye Kelly Osborn Mitzi Patterson Mike Paul Terry Peck Jeni Pedersen Kathy Pehkonen Tom Peiffer Sarah Danielson — \ L In the summer she likes to get in the sun, tennis, bike riding, motorcycle riding and vacations. In the winter she snowmobiles. She also likes jogging, going to dances and parties, bowling, movies and shopping. Dana Cannon — Her hobbies are horseback riding, hiking, bike riding for long distances, camping, swimming, going to movies and parties, shopping, listening to music, reading and babysitting. Kelly Lamb — Above: Brian McNeal, Rob Schorg, and Brook Weldon getting fired up in the Homecoming parade. out. Jackie Cooling — Sindy Dubishar — Plays tennis and softball, ice skates, swims, jogs, and likes to play cards and shop. Likes camping, playing tennis, swimming, riding horses, going to parties, shopping, laying in the sun and being with friends. Chris Gallagher — Detassles, likes parLikes horseback riding, swimming and boating at Lake McBride, waterskiing, playing cards and eating dees, likes sun bathing, swimming, ri < Kelly Hunt — Works part time at Ha ing horses, camping, skating, takin: disco lessons, going to movies and pai ties, and having friends over. on cosmetology training. She plan Becky Bascom — Likes skating, is takin roller- disco lessons, would like spee skates. She enjoys horseback riding, bai rel racing, jumping on the trampoline swimming, water skiing, camping, vac tions and works part time at the Dai Queen. : : Lisa Howell — Her favorite hobby is rid ing horses. Lorri Haren — Likes parties, going movies, horseback riding, roller skatin biking, camping, and water skiing. ing her thoughts and short stories, ai fishing. : Laura Hamilton — Likes swimming, wri / ± f V ties, rides horses, biking, camping, read ing and going to movies. Jr it y r s V a * / 22 Sophomores V * i V ' li. 1 1 =

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