I Sharon Huffer — . Likes handcrafts, •atching soap operas and listening to -jsic _ sa Campbell — Enjoys doing things *:h horses like trail rides, training and E -owing, and riding. She also likes . •etching animals, hiking and photograpny in the woods, cross country skiing, •ater skiing, swimming, roller skating, ceding, bike riding,and shopping. I erk Humble — Detassles in the sumner, likes to run and train for long races. Works at Perkins, * r ey Blackwell — •es to collect and write poetry, keeping | I* : E ' es and journals, fixing scrapbooks, c: lecting stationery, swimming, jogging, ng, working with plants, shopping, - •- :ng to foreign pen pals and going to rorida. :andy Kellison — Likes motorcycles, S*es riding and working on them, he •:jld like to race them, he also fishes. Curt Lacher Kelly Lamb Gary Lamparek Cindy Landtiser Robbie Larson Tammy Latuska Bret Lehr Sandy Lemburg Ron Klouda Kris Knipp Russ Krantz Kris Kuhlman Brenda Kirk Jamie Klein Paula Klein Sherry Klimes Linda Kelsey Holly Kemmerer Linda Kilberger Bruce Kimpston Donald Lewig Dana Lewis Jim Lewis Tom Listebarger Joe Livingston Charlene Love Chris Lowther Gwen Ludvicek James Manwiller Denise Maresh Larry Martinson Kevin McArtor =-5*1 Stallman gets ready to perform with the band alf time of the football game. * . Sophomores 21

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