Sophomores Have Many Outside Interests After going to school with the same people almost every day you figure tha * you know them pretty well. Almost a know student council members, class officers, choir members, band members, people involved in sports, drama, and ai of the other many school activities that you can become involved in, but how we : do classmates know each other ?What dc they enjoy and do outside of school ? Dc they have jobs ? What do they do in the summer ? A survey was taken to find out about the “ other" side of some sopho - mores. The results were interesting. You might just learn something that you never knew before. Rob Walters — Hunts, photography, fishes, listens to stereo, reads maga - zines, parties, comedies, and most of al Peggy. Scott Boots — Above: Sophomores Bret Wagner and Peggy Reid Heidi Anderson Tim Appleget Dean Ashbacher Becky Bascom John Bates Mark Becicka Susan Beck 9 I I B i 18 Sophomores Jeff Beisker Julie Bell Teri Bennett Kelly Blackwell Marlon Blaha Doug Blair Julie Boland Scott Boots Tracey Britcher Cyndi Brown Darcy Brown Dawn Brown Tracy Brown Brian Buresh Carol Buresh Randy Buresh Jeff Burkle Julie Cach Lisa Campbell Dana Cannon Stacey Carlo V V Wk I *. .. A £1 4 i 4.. I - =S.; -i 4 . ( i L Tr - V . rJ w.Im I > f r -' M it J S T - vV^v ' ' / \ ) enjoy free time in the lounge. Traced his family tree, plays guitar and sings, writes poetry, writes letters, enjoys studying history, and works for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and he travels. £ * P i

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