%i 0N: Beck — Watch gymnastics, read fe: * s by Stephen King, swim, lay in the r sten to the radio, go to the mall . • — eet friends, snowmobiling, spend erville r - Appleget — Burkle — en to music, read the paper, and eat. - Lehr — Ec'ey, eat, cook, and visit a friend in I- - Watch T.V., relax and Watches T.V., eats, i-^ rcs, and listens to rock and roll music. 5 r‘ imesT.V. and movies. Vi - e Glick — r Gade — Works at Avis Rent-a-Car. res his horse, rides in rodeos, and Works at Tibben Flight L - es, flying airplanes, watching “ Get %- art” and playing baseball. Swims, movies, works e -id the house, goes to recreational paces. £ : Hohensee — Ifc - Hunter — w es lyrics. * Rides motorcycles, »: * s on cars, and water skis. Plays bass guitar and «r| W 91 \X k % v r * P i/ ^ ,/ * $ f ' M \ 4$ , T -r *.. N , h i uCrystal Carnahan Andy Chalupsky Arlyn Chesley Patrick Christen Theresa Christensen Jackie Cooling Tom Cowell Scott Crawley MarkCroy Tracy Cullen Sarah Danielson Becky Datta Scott Dougherty Jay Davis Darcy Decoster Jackie Downs Sindy Dubishar Keith Emmons Tami Everett Peggy Fry Bill Gade Laura Gale Chris Gallagher Jim Garnant Mike George Ken Gibbs Nancy Gilbert Mike Glick Left: Kim Tjelmeland on the way to Band Contest. Below: Mike Glick and Kent Rigdon during a home basketball game . Sophomores 19

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