mbers of the Thespian Troupe and Drama Loomis, Amy Greenlief, Julie deNevi, Tammie e = 3 follows: Front Row: Patti Stallman, Mike Jones, Minnetta Freeburg, Michelle Kelchen. Third Row: Kathy Potter, Koreen McDonald, John Ely, Julie Boland, Darren Bogner, Brice Highley, Gene Anderson, Susan Marak,Kathy Gause, Katrina Ludwig, Connie Feldmann, Dian Gallagher, student 'ami Karasek, Sharon Potter, Debbie Ash-oberta Grommon, Debbie Bottoms. Sec: Sponsor Terry Dyrland, Joan Ely, Kathy - •* Laryn G. Mumm, Mike Bach, Gayle teacher Mike Trosky. Fourth Row: Jim Rotter, Bob Miller, Keith Emmons, Chris Brentner, Julie Bell, Kim McConaughy, Tom Dvorak, Chris Bell, John Serbousek, Bill Wims, Dawn Maresh, Rhonda Chesley, Brenda Boland, and Peggy Fry. 4 Above: In a scene from the award-winning play "First Night,” Keith Emmons, as Samir, worries about what his bride, who he’s never seen, will look like. His friend Ali, alias Brice Highley, isn’t much help, as he brings up the possibilities of Samir's bride being bald or having a beard. Far Left: In another scene from "First Night," Samir dreamt that his wifewho had a beard. The dancer was played by Laurie Hasley. Don Redlich Dance Company when they spent a day at Prairie, in February. Here, one of the company members, demonstrates ways to use the arms in dancing. to-be was a beautiful belly dancer — Left: Thespians hosted members of the Drama 132

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