We are Thespians — Not Thesbians What is this strange organization that exists in Prairie High School? When Mr. Jennings used to read the morning announcements, sometimes I’ d hear something about a Thesbian meeting. What kind ofa group is that? First of all, the name of the group is Thespians, and is constantly mispronounced by people who don’t know its meaning. Thespis was a man who lived So, as in the times of ancient Greece, and he is considered to be the first actor. you may guess, Thespians is the name of an international honorary drama organization. It’s likea drama version of girls or boys letter club. In order to become a member, a person has to earn 10 points. Each point represents 10 hours of work in at least two areas of the theatre. Work in at least two of the areas of costumes, props, set, acting, makeup, lights, sound, or orchestra is needed for earning Thespian membership. At least five points must be earned at the school where the person is to be inducted, but points can also be earned by working in the junior high and the Community Theatre. Once a person becomes a Thespian, they can continue to earn more than the required 10 points. Each extra 10 points beyond that earns a gold star, and those who earn 60 points receive an honor bar. The Thespian troupe is basically just an honorary organization, and doesn 't have many activities. were a few fundraisers held. Members of the Thespian troupe and the Drama Club sold stationery, magazines, and ran concession stands at different sports events. This money was raised to pay for Thespian supplies, and to help pay for Thespian trips and a backdrop for the stage. There weren 't any trips taken, but in past years the Thespians have gone to the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, so it’s possible there will be such a trip next year. Besides raising money, some of the Thespian members acted as hosts for members of the Don Redlich dance company, from New York. spent a day at P.H. S. The company in February, and was sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The big event of the Thespian year was the induction of its new members, which occurred near the end of the year. Before the induction, the new members were informed of their honor very early in the morning, in the comfort of their own beds. The old Thespians went to the homes of each of the new members, woke them up, and brought them back to school for a pancake breakfast. The pancakes were cooked in the home ec room by other old Thespians. However, there The name of our other drama group! a little easier to pronounce. It’ s called tl Drama Club. people who are working towardsbecorl ing Thespians, Thespians themselves. also helped to raise money, and It is basically made up but it also includes til The Drama ClJ thj attended makeup and mimedemonstri tions that were held in Terry Dyrlandt classes. Another activity of both the Drama afi Thespian groups is speech contest. Tfl oneLarge Group Speech Contest, everyone of the three judges there ga\ This made it eligible forStall whel l Cast members includef act play “First Night" was the orl thing entered in speech contest, but! got a Superior I rating at DistrictSpeeJ Contest. it a SuperiorI rating, which was the be! possible rating. Amy Greenlief, Brice Highley, Jul The crew member ] | deNevi, Katrina Ludwig, Laurie Hasle and Keith Emmons. were Rod Reid and Bill Wims. They dida good job. A good thing for both groups was t new costume room. The room where c tumes for the plays were stored used| be in a partitioned- off part of Mr.Schepl elberg’ s classroom, room 36. But proved to be a fire hazard, and it inter ? rupted classes when people came in t get costumes. So, a new costume rood was constructed on the balcony overths left side of the gym stage. The new roori has much more space, and is more col venient, since it is closer to the theatre.I thj Above: Drama and Thespian members attended a make- up demonstration by Melinda Lamoreux, of the Cedar Rapids Community Theatre. This was to help the makeup crew of "Winnie the Pooh” get ideas for the special animal makeup needed. However, Darren Bogner and Tammie Jones did all the actual creating. Displaying their makeup jobs a ' Tom Dvorak, Eeyore the mule; Amy Greenlief, Ow and Vicki Harris, Roo the Kangaroo. 133 Drama I

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