Student Council Plans Activities Prairie’s Student Council is one of the most active groups in the school. The rouncil has done many things to benefit students, teachers, and the community. Student council has sponsored many activities. Major ones are Homecoming . Homecoming dance, Christmas assembly and dance, $100 donated to :wa Shares, presents to faculty, student exchange with Washington, Jefferson, - egis, LaSalle, and Marion, Wellness Day, Sadie Hawkins Dance, telephone ' ectory, volleyball tournaments, Valen-e carnations, music in the lounge, 2 molarships, doughnuts every Friday, me Pig Roast. Purchasing lettering for e side of the building is being consid• — - ed. Council members also meet with V - Steine to discuss ways to improve the school. V ;e-President — Officers are: President — Dan Dennis, Steve Smith, Trea - - -rer — Pam Ritchie, and Secretary - iberta Grommon. — i Below: Junior Pam Ritchie tries to raise money by helping run the concession stand at a sports event. •eek Left: Lisa Joens, Jill Johnson, Shelly Dubishar, Cindy Thrap, Theresa Zalesky, and Bonnie Malone discuss plans for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Above: President Dan Dennis listens as other members discuss ideas and plans for the future. Student Council 11

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