What Motivates People to Run? going — How does the cross country team keep mile after mile after mile after MILE .. . until some of them have run so club ? What makes anyone milefar that they become members of the 1000 beat their feet on the ground over and over, until their lungs are about to burst ? Most of the eight members of the cross country team, as well as other run - ners, voiced their opinions on this. Kurt Tjelmeland and Chris Bell run to stay in shape. Dan Dennis went out for cross country to get ready for track and basket - ball, and because of the inspiration of Coach Hawkins . Scott Serovy, Clark Humble, and Doug Roy run because they like to. The team didn ’t have a winning sea son, largely because of their small size Since there were only eight members, they could only run in one race at each meet . Normally, a cross country team has four teams, which each have seven members . That way there are varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, and freshman teams . But with only eight people, we just had a varsity squad. One reason for the small size of the team is the popularity of football . Foot ball is considered more glamorous than cross country. Guys who do nothing but sit on the bench all season would still rather be on the football team than the cross country team. Members of the cross country team - were asked why they picked that sport over football, and proved that there are reasons to do so . Dan Dennis wanted to letter, and he is more running -oriented. Chris Bell wanted to try something differ - ent, and Doug Roy wants to get a taste of - . every sport . Scott Serovy doesn’t think he ' s that good in football, and Clark Humble picked cross country because he likes to run. Besides cross country, Clark has also run in three marathons. After trying both cross country and football, he prefers cross country . The cross country team members aren’t the only ones who run . For exam - ple, Barry Davis runs about five miles every day. He usually runs across the wrestling room, at 7 :30 a .m ., 11 :30 a.m., and after school. On the weekends he runs outside .Barry does this in addi tion to his regular wrestling workouts, to keep in shape. Mick Mattiace also runs, to keep in shape. He says it’s the best overall, inex - pensive exercise you can do, with the exception of swimming. He usually runs alone, four or five times a week, after school. He runs about two to four miles "a around the campus. - « Above: Everyone of us knows at least a little bit about running, through our experiences in P.E. class. Here Brenda Shramek and Nancy Cisar get ready for the track season in their gym class. Right: Doug Roy races on in a cross country meet. Doug likes the challenge of trying to beat the guy in front of him, and getting better and better each meet. Far Right: Pulling ahead to win against Jefferson was one of the highlights of Dan Dennis' country season. cross * z r- » * * S‘J 12 Running

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