Fravel English students took field trips to see rfays, libraries, movies, and a political andidate. They also had speakers visit. of this shows the flip side of English that there ’s more to it than just — eadin’ and writin’. On February 29th, through a joint ffort of all the P.H.S. English teachers, a purney was made to Hancher auditonum in Iowa City, so English students could view a Tyrone Guthrie production of “ The Glass Menagerie.” The Guthrie Theatre is a group of professional actors based in Minneapolis. Nancy Spector ’s World Literature classes also saw “Vanities,” the Cedar Rapids Community Theatre production of a play that shows what happens to three 1962 cheerleaders and “ A MidSummer Nights Dream,” one of Shakespeare’s classics. After reading the book “Heart of Darkness,” they went to see the movie “ Apocalypse Now” and they found it was an interesting comparison. Some field trips took place right at school. Terry Dyrland had make-up and mime demonstrations for his drama classes. Nancy Spector had Mr. Henley speak about Jazz in the fifties for her Selected Authors class. The class was reading a book about beatniks, called On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, and how the pace of Jazz fit into the lifestyle of the beatniks. Not all of the field trips had to do with the performing arts. Nancy Talbot took kids from her newspaper, journalism, everyday communications, and mass media classes to Iowa City to hear Senator Kennedy speak. Cathy Jones’ Senior Seminar classes took a field trip to the Coe College library to check out the references available there. Field trips offer an alternative method of learning, by allowing students to actually see things for themselves. Left: Paula Hernandez sets up her layout for the "Hawk Talk" in journalism class. Below Left: Journalism students Sally Shramek, Jackie Sheely, and Dan Gray check over copy for the "Hawk Talk." Above, Top: English teachers Nancy Talbot, Cathie Jones, and Elaine Mulherin. Above, Bottom: English teachers Terry Dyrland, Jean McMenimen, and Nancy Spector. English 106

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