Extra! Extra! Read the Latest in English News People At the beginning of the year, Prairie High School welcomed a new English teacher, Nancy Talbot. She teaches newspaper, journalism, everyday communications, and mass media classes. Before she came here, she taught at Exira High School in southern Iowa. She said kids have a lot more freedom here, what with the modular schedule, and all their free mods. The kids at Prairie don' t know how good they have it. They have a very caring faculty and principal. Another teacher, Mrs. Jones, also came to Prairie, but she was returning after a year’s leave-of-absence. Her leave of absence was taken to get her Master’s Degree in developmental reading at the University of Iowa, and to have a child. Besides this, she worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Iowa, serving as a supervisor for student teachers placed in the Iowa City secondary schools. Main News Nothing stays the same, and the English Department is no exception . It changes from year to year. However, this year there were some rather special changes. Students are now only allowed to take one English class, because class loads were getting too heavy, and to cut down on the number of early graduations. Because of both of these changes, teachers now have more time to spend on their classes, and more time for departmental meetings and the coordinating of activities. Also, Elaine Mulherin set up a guide This way, if any of the teachers It assures us of continuity in Above: Melinda Lamoreux, of the Cedar Rap'3 the program. Students learn discussion and speech skills. They learn to communicate on a one-to-one basis, in a small group, and in a large group. They learn to talk, to listen, and to read non-verbal signals that people send out to one another. Community Theatre, demonstrates make-up to Bi Wims, in drama class. Above Left: Prairie’s Engl si News was part of the WMT-TV news. Barry Norra interviewed Sandy Daly, and other students as weL about our extensively used video tape syste — Jenny Olson and Mike Porter look on. Above Rigr: Just before vacation, Mrs. Jones' senior seminar class played charades, and Mr. Steine helped A~w Greenlief act out her charade. Trying to guess th! answer are Roberta Grommon, Cheryl Lowthe* Cindy Thrap, and Sharon Potter. Don't tell the", but the answer is Island of the Blue Dolphins. for teaching the Communications 10 class. leave, there is a plan for any new teacher to follow. 107 English

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