Tennis Is Both a Fun and Challenging Sport Tennis is a sport that not only takes skill and endurance, but a lot of devotion. Unlike most other sports, when you are out on the tennis court you don't have the rest of the team playing along with you. To get ready for the season a lot of conditioning was done. After that came the work on strokes. A lot of practice was spent on serving. Next year’s teams should have a few returning lettermen. Lettering for the girls were: Lynn Saddoris, Angie Hastings, Jackie Sheely, Terri Stockton, Pam Meyer, Joyce Snyder, and Keely Vondracek. Lettering for the boys were: Wade Osborne, Mike Shirm, Dean Schrader, Jeff Peck, Lynn Schrader, Danny Gray, Chris Bell, and Darren Bogner. Below: Front Row: Jeff Peck, Kreg Tjelmeland, Wade Osborne, Perry Nelson. Back Row: Mike Shirm, I Dean Schrader, Danny Gray, Chris Bell,Lynn Schrader,Darren Bogner,and Coach Darrell Bogner . Above: Jeff Peck works to make his first service a good one. Right: Lynn Schrader shows good concentration in returning a low one. 105 Tennis

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