. **4 *• 4 9 'Mttiu•»:;».v * « - m t in) ' &&:!} « i ; ., . ...:::<:< V HW r;* ' . :::«3c 5kf .c^ i;ri., < »> - '* :** . Ml1 •«M » ft % r;»u«ifH ^ V4 - - r • *« JWrMWHi t i tffft rt i 4W» % « «) •» t * 4 » *» *ft M.t l f * J i i rp AA A ft i ^* + K + K* A 4 # 4 f « i JUi i i iuj;; .. riyi t*tm **J » «9 ? "*" » - .t •MM :: A V* *' . *> » » - /r% . l*> < **% 9 »»•** -** +'-* 1* » > •** « •*•** » * 4 **> 4 ft VMM < 4 ft » A » ft •»>»*1 4 4 *f * 4 M > t £ :§ ;fi 4* »«*•* i M* < * « « Wf4 •*449 !* , :! »*•• *' » «-» **>-» » < ••*** » « » M * **** ** 4* 4 *4 k« *** 4 $ 4 . - :-•-4 • ! M H t l * t . t i t t v i . ***.« *H : - -<i f t .# ^ *ft *» » *«••> 4 * ft “MM »* > - 1 ^ > ++* 4 »•* > .:, • * * ni i M 23 » ‘ * ^ . 4» ;< J 4 4 v v eTke ^awk

Mrs. Ruth Kelleher’s Office Practice Class. Bookkeeping Class taught by M E. Lynch. 'Bumu EduMim proficiency. needs of the students. is concerned w i t h t h e e c o n o m i c and vocational The courses offered in business will meet both vocational and personal All courses offered in business education are electives. Typing Class 2

Mr. Donald Mr. Robert Purcell supervising the written drivers’ education test. Solo Flight / is offered as a one semester elective course. Any student who will be sixteen years of age by the time he has completed the course may enroll for drivers ' education Instruction is divided between classroom work and actual student driving ample amount of driving experience to successfully pass the State Driving Test. . . Each student is given an Look Mom! We made it!

'TjU Gtutkm 'T has as its major purpose to e to make wholesome personal Such adjustments may be in the program; in the home and fami in social activities; and within Some of the problems and perp pupils experience are rooted in other areas only; others are in a of the areas. Mr. Donn Stansbury discussing a students class schedule. Every adolescent needs and has a right to expect systematic assistance in identifying his problems; in securing information essential to dealing with his problems; and the sympathetic consideration and solving of his problems. Mr. Gustofsen, of Iowa State University talks to Seniors abo Sophomore students taking an aptitude test. Planned experiences and counsel on individual and a group basis are essential if in differences and the everchanging qualities lescent personality are to be dealt with succ

'Tuxjwn, enable pupils adjustments. e educational mily relations; n one’s self. plexities that n one or the a combination out college . both an ndividual s of ado - cessfully. HonrnaJmo II, and III are offered to the girls I, elective c l a s s e s ' during their four years of high school. While in these classes the girls have an opportunity to experience situations they will encounter when they become homemakers. P a r e n t s and teachers are invited to attend the annual style show and breakfast of Mrs . N a n c y G r a n n e r 's homemaking classes.

Sfuhulml M is defined as b study of the materials, organization, tools products, jobs, and human problems of indu The Industrial Arts program is not aim skilled workers of the students, but rather, those who elect the course with basic f in skill areas. The program provides the the opportunity to develop desirable interes in working with tools, materials, and machin Mr. Woodworking Gene Seehusen gives close supervision to a class of . Mr. Donald Kappes helps Maury Novak with his drafting. Crafts! * *

is required ofallCollege Community students for graduation. Thestudent must successfully complete four credits or two years of mathematics. is provided for all students to obtain a working knowledge and understanding of the fundamental mathematic processes. For those students who are willing and capable, a program of advanced mathematics is available. An opportunity Mr. Harvey Smyth teaching a geometry class. * Mr. Marvin Brase using the overhead projector to teach algebra. Schwandt teaching an advanced math class. 7

These students are practicing t mentals of diagraming sentences . Doesn’t this class look like they’re on the threshold of solving an important problem? German can be fun!

31 This year Spanish was added to the curriculum at Prairie High. Here Mr. Baker explains the possessive pronouns. Mr. Patrick Shirley listens attentively to the question of a ninth grade English student. A Latin I Student conjugates a verb under the watchful eyeof Mr. Jim Jennings.

1 P h y s i c a l education classes promote general enthusiasm s p o r t s a n d dance . . Among k n o w n team sports taught a volleyball, basketball, s o ft football Mr. Leidigh gives the boys a workout . Mrs. Mahannah instructs the girls, "Left -right -left” i i 10 _ A l o n g with the team sports, the girls learn sports in whichthey can participate i n d i v i d u a l l y. These include sports such as badminton, trampoline, tumb ling, archery, and dance . -

s at Prairie in athletic g the best - are soccer, t b a l l, and Mr. Denny Hanson watches as the chemistry students perform an ex periment. - Biology students dissecting a frog. ' jit Scwwt 'Juxjim of 1960-61 at Prairie High School :eec a program of activity . curriculum was one that stressed the practical aspect of Science, am ±e work was studied with idea of being able to apply the learned material n e - -rday life. ie

A student leads the discu World History class . . 1 Social Studies teachers, Mr. Charles Campbell, Mr. Dale Langhben, Miss Judy Stephen, and Mr.Robert Marshall. Mr. versity of Iowa. Langhben and Miss Stephen are student teachers from the State Uni - t ! Social Studia deals with the most interesting and vital subject in the world so far as that is possible. Three years of Social Studies are required in Prairie High School. the twelfth grade - -American Problems and Economic Geography. --human b and their relation with one another. Our task is to help each individual make the necessary adjustme his environments, geographically , socially, and morally . The requirements are: Grade American History (1865 to Present), Tenth Grade American Government, and Eleventh Grade History with most emphasis on the modern era. Two Social Studies courses are offered as electi And in the process to learn to know hims 12

ussion in a beings, ents to self in Ninth World ives in Mr. Williams conducted a reading course resigned to aid the students in improving ±eir reading habits. UtmLal ' Hmdwj Mrs. Boehm carried on the tuberculosis tests this year besides the normal nursing duties demanded by the three schools, College, Prairie and Prairie Junior High.

Principal Howard Strong and Superintendent S. W. Wiley. Business Manager Glenn Se 3t U James Bowersox, John Vondra, Robert Langridge, James Manville, Robert Krob, Milton Chadima, E Grissel. 14

Selzer. Elmer are: Vicki Le Mont, Nancy Williams, Jean Bracy, and Janet Williams. - are: Katie Kounty, Karen Voss, Mary Toton, and Lois Malatek. i tI *m y* ‘11 15

VARSITY SCHEDULE 1960 Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie Prairie 12 14 7 7 6 7 0 33 6 Anamosa Brooklyn Marengo Oelwein North Scott Regis Mid-Prairie Durant Marion WON 3 LOST 6 Watch out for the guy on your left, Prairie!!! 18 7 0 12 20 53 26 7 28 Rough, rugged, and ready were the ' Three R s” of Prairie s Varsity Lineup .

The Prairie High marching band , consisting of forty -eight pieces , played at all the home football games and participated in the Eastern Iowa Band Festival in Cedar Rapids . Leading the band this year as Head Majorette was Kathy Vrba. The other twirlers were Anita Barta, Pam Peterson and Bonnie Benish. Each high school band sends a queen to represent them at the Eastern Iowa Band Festival and this year Bonnie Modracek was Prairie’s “ royal lady” . 1 8

Christ mas caroling at St. Lukes Hospital - . ROW ONE: Carolyn Jarvis, Karen Neuhaus, Carol Russman, Bonnie Yanacek, Grace Harris, Judy Schropp, Deanna Hauser, Margaret Cooling, Linda Zbanik, Kathy Miles, Lois Malatek, Jean Bracy. ROW TWO: Nancy Williams, Pat Pudil, Shirleen Hofmaster, Sheryl Evans, Linda Hartley . Sandra Havelicek, Diane Anderson, Diane Wilson, Jackie Meier, Marcia Manville, Betty Yanacek, Vickie LeMont, Bonnie Harris, Sharon Rohlena. ROW THREE: Connie Langhurst, Sherry Pooler, Anita Barta, Mary Jo Brickner, Diane Jackson, Janet Williams, Darlene Dyson, Bonnie Modracek, Mary Ann Yanacek, Connie Morningstar, Sally Talkington. Karen Voss, Cathy Vrba, Katie Koutny, f «11 mno ft

ROW ONE: Mr. Campbell, Linda Zbanek, Mary Tilton , Ruth McCormick, Sharon Rohlena , Sue Trpkosh, Lois Malatek. ROW TWO: Marcia Manville, Cathy Vrba, Bonnie Modracek, Katie Koutny, Dennis Strang, Allen Pudil, Bill Bruzek, Paul Fiala. ROW THREE: Ron Sirowy, Kjell Klynderud, Norman Zahradnik, Dan Merta, Maury Novak, Allan Koepsell, Don Grummer, Truman Wilkin, Jim Lefebure. Margie McDade was absent at the time of the picture . Student Comd annual sponsored Homecoming danc

lly ce. Spring Dance Studwt towml class and organizations of the school. members are elected fromeach Among its activities are homecoming, all school assemblies, Spring Dance, Christmas Program, and many others. Christmas Program 21

Miss Pat Pudil Miss Pam Peterson Miss Margie McDade jt SchoolMom/mint] on October 20.' . was held at P r a i r i e H i g h M i s s M a r y Tilton was c r o w n e d Homecoming Queen at the homecoming d a n c e following the football game . Her attendants w e r e Pam Peterson, Margie McDade, Mary Toton, and Pat Pudil Miss Mary Toton 22

%jwwuui CUptoi o( yit HojUomL Horn held its first initiation on April 19 , 1961. The initiation was conducted by the officers of the Jefferson High School Honor Society. ROW ONE: Jackie Mier, Sharon Selzer, Ruth McCormik, Erma Ziskovsky, Anita Benish, Katie Koutny , Sharileen Hofmaster, Carol Havran, Mary Madden, Linda Tom Vavra, Bonnie Modracek, Carol Raim, Hartley, Sandra Hofmaster, Donna Matthews. ROW TWO: Dennis Strang, David Steinmetz, O i I Bill Bruzek, David Binko, Kjell Klundrud, Dan Merta, Gary Klouda, Don Grummer, John Williams, Richard Volesky, Richard Stroleny, Daryl Modracek, Aaron Basten, Erwin Poduska, Fred Kinne, Bill Sirowy.

Mr. Brase explains the mathematics program. Each year during education week parents are invited to visit school. At this time parents are given the opportunity to attend each of their children’s classes and meet their teachers. Parents pick up students class schedules.

n Mrs . Mary Mahannah looks on as Sharon Rohlena explains the Red Cross gift boxes to fellow Junior Red Cross members . This year's program was cenJ r flwioi Hd twM tered around the composition of an album about the United States to send toHawaii and the annual Red Cross drive. ROW ONE: A i l e e n Smyth, M a r y Jo Brickner, Marcia Manville, Donna Mat - thews, Karen V o l e s k y, P a t M a l l o y. ROW TWO: Diane LeMaster .Jim Boardman, G e o r g e Trpkosh, A n i t a Benish, Miss Rasmussen. 26

s s s - m i vu forty of year -two was a c t i v e throughout the . . The program consisted of Radio, Taxidermy, Photography, and Biology Twenty members of the Science Club joined the Optimist Electronics course at J e ffe r s o n High S c h o o l i n Cedar Rapids . This group has met each T u e s d a y from 7:00 u n t i l 9:00 P.M . since September and has learned a good deal in the Electronics field.

ROW ONE: Gloria Delbridge, Larry Scofield, John Schlesselman, Penny Tucker, Wincie Hall, Bonnie Yanecek, Mary Louvar, Cleanne Craven, Judy Drake, Donald Schultz, Janice Wilson, Mr. Smyth TWO: Allen Pudil, Nina Votroubek, Aileen Smyth, Carol Lafler, Betty Yanecek , Barbara Posusta, Cynthia Tow, Stephen LeMont, Harry Sutphin, Dean Plummer , Dennis Womachil, Barbara Hoppe .ROW . ROW THREE: John Scott, Bennie Buresh, Billie Serbousek, Orvil Thorton, Diana Chemelicek, Judy Mahan, Virginia Fowler, George Merrifield, Barbara Trular, Joe Sadecky, . Linda Borseth , Duane Grummer. ROW FOUR: Andy Tjeleland, Merle Kelly, Norman Zahradnik, Wayne Novak, Ronald Reyman, Marlyn Benish, Glenn Vondra, Vernon Zahradnik, Larry Marak, Richard Miller, Mike Cobb President: Allen Pudil Vice -President: Linda Borseth Secretary: Sharon Pollet Treasurer: Bill Serbousek 28 -

9mi ROW ONE : Sheryl Malatek, Brace Harris, Karen Volesky, Amber Strawhorn, Teresa Jaeger, Larry Zach, James Bys, Ken Netolicky, Chris Chrisman, Ernest Fernley, Richard Maulorica . ROW TWO: Carolyn Gordan, Jackie Mier, Carol Cerny, Nancy Strasser, Delores Martin, Nanci Williams, Jean Bracy, Marlyne McGregor, Donna Merritt, Ramona Maresh, Fran Glaser, Crystal Gibbs . ROW THREE: Steve Tichy, Dennis Booth, Dennis Day, Tom Wood, Diane LeMaster, Sharon Pollet, Sandra Chalder, Daryl Sanborn, Mike Seaton, Gary Schwegla, Steven Bures, Wayne Knapp, David Hall. ROW FOUR: Roman Raim, Gary Kloubec, Duane Bizek, Douglas Ham, Bill Langridge, John Andrle, Gean Buresh, Dennis Cach, John Duffy, Carol Chrisman, Carolyn Crozier, Diane Jackson . A dance was one of the freshmen class activities

ROW ONE: Sharon Selzer, Dennis Strang, Donna Matthews. Mrs. Gloria Canney, Mrs . Kathryn Worley, Karolyn Sojka, Sueann Trpkosh, Margo Sladek, ROW TWO: David Steinmetz, Marcia Manville, Richard Volesky, Connie Morningstar, Kathy Vrba, Diane Jackson, Bill Bruzik, Armand Baker . The preliminary contest of the Iowa State Speech Asso ciation was held at Vinton . Nine people advanced to the district with Superior ratings . They were: ROW ONE Kjell Klynderud, Richard Volesky, John Williams, Larry Walshire. Elaine Martin and Sueann Trpkosh. Sally Talkington. ROW TWO: Nancy Havran , Marcia Manville NOT PRESENT Kjell, Sueann and Sally advanced to th state contest at Grinnell where Kjell and Sueann received Superior ratings and Sally an Excellent. - Prairie High School Thespian Troupe 1308 initiated six new members this Four of them are shown here year. with Mrs. Worley at the ceremony. They are: Sally Talkington, Marcia Manville, Dennis Strang and David Steinmetz. Trpkosh and Richard Volesky. NOT PRESENT: Sueann I 30

heE: y e, T: he ed THE FRESH-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM had a good season winning four out of their six games. The team is coached by Mr. Andy Bubon . flu/tiot (Jauitif SfoitA THE JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD nearly b re a k i n g even, won nine and lost ten squad was coached by Mr. Jim Jennings . . The

Jim Lefebure r % * Bob Beranek 4 Maury Novak Henry Lefebure Bob Shebtka

I MR. JAMES JENNINGS Junior-Varsity Coach I tT/te (Jauctif ^BcukSdi Sfud had the best season in the school’s history; winning 13 and losing 7. They went into district competition hoping for a victory over Marion, but lost the game by a mere two points. of points: 302. Co-captain Lyle Svoboda scored thehighest number Allen Koepsell had the 2nd point average with a total of 229 points. Third highest in total points scored was Co-captain Henry Lefebure with 200 points. MR. ANDY BUBON Varsity Coach Basketball--or--Ballet???? How did he get the ball???? 33

ROW ONE: Chris Chrissman, Larry Scofield, Bill Furnish, Dennis Faltis, Dennis Day, Mark Fieseler, Larry Glass, George Engel, Dan Merta, Kjell, Klynderud, Daryl Hynek. ROW TWO: Patrick Shirley, Coach;BobTilton, Robert Homme, Kenneth Bracy, Gary Bradford, Tom Wood, Dennis Booth, Larry Watkins, Richard Stroleny, GlennClark, Everett Williams, Larry Rohlena, Pat DeWitt, Jim Cerveny . ROW THREE; David Bowersox, Ted Hidinger, John Williams, Jay Moore, Paul Fiala, Lance Zimmerli, Dean Teslik, Aaron Basten, Don Horak, John Schlessleman. ROW FOUR: Martin Trpkosh, Steve Bures, Richard Miller, Merle Kelley, George Merrifield, Mike Lang ridge, Bill Langridge, Jim Powers, Randy Meyer. - THE PRAIRIE WRESTLERS SHOWED A GOOD DEAL OF IMPROVEMENT AT THE END OF THEIR SECOND YEAR OVER THE PREVIOUS SEASON. In the fifteen meets this year Prairie scored a total of 339 points while Prairie 's opponents scored a total of 337 points . In addition, the squad has increased greatly in number and enthusiasm. Mr. Shirley and his team are anticipating even better results for the school next year Larry at his best!!! 34 .

The Prairie High School Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Marilyn Barber presented Contest, receiving an Excellent rating, and the City-wide Music Festival, singing in new was added to the choir schedule this year-a concert for the junior high school . I This senior girls' trio received a Superior rating at the State Music Contest The trio is composed of Sandi Havlicek, Donna Reed and Judy Kloubec. . 38

•ill and Christmas concerts and an operetta — e massed choirs of Washington, Jefferson and Linn . They also participated in the State Music Something -Mar High Schools. The final performance for the 1960-61 school year was given at graduation. R e c e i v i n g Superior ratings with solos in the State Music Contest were: Pam Peterson, Kjell Klynderud, and Mary Tilton. 39

THE DISCUSSION t o p i c for the fall conference of the Iowa State Forensic League was, "How might the security of the free world be best maintained. " Nine teen students participated in this event. - The Prairie discussants played host to the Regis High School discussants twice in the weeks preceding the conference, in order to share their research.

ROW ONE: Mrs.GloriaCanney, Carol Goodrow, Don Schultz, Sharon Selzer, Margo Sladek, Sueann Trpkosh, Mrs. Pooler, Kathy Vrba, Nancy Havran. ROW THREE: Tom Vavra, Ted Hidinger, John Williams, Glen Clark, Richard Volesky, Sally Talkington, Paul Fiala. Kathryn Worley. ROW TWO: David Steinmetz, Dennis Strang, Ken Bracy, Marcia Manville, Sherry ROW ONE: John Williams, Tom Vavra, BobBeranek, Ted Hidinger ROW TWO: Glen Clark, Dean Bures, Paul Fiala, Larry Walshire. . ROW THREE: Carol Goodrow, Mary Jo Brickner, Elaine Martin, Sally Talkington and Kathy Vrba. 41

4, x. X X X “ The Hawk” is divided 9 * ; 1 into fo separate staffs, each working on a differe section. Each staff works in their own gro under the supervision of an editor and t advisor, Mr. Don Lynch. An innovation this year in the yearbo was the omission of division pages and t pages were arranged chronologically. Business Manager, ErmaZi kovsky and Sports Editor, An Benish discuss page arrangeme Dramatics editor, Sharon Selzer and staff member Karolyn Sojka look startled at the way the page turned out . 42

our ent oup the ook the is - nita ent. Staff member Sally Talkington writes special instructions while Class Editor, Connie Langhurst and Senior Editor, Marcia. Manville look on. It takes four people?

Kjell K l y n d e r u d from Drobak, N o r w a y has participated in football, wrestling, track, speech, and music at Prairie High School. Mr. and Mrs . Milton Chadima of Fairfax, Iowa act as his foster family during the school year. The purpose of Kjell's visit is to learn Ameri - can habits, to know America, to tell the people about Norway and help create better understanding between the two countries. Kjell was s e l e c t e d b y t h e A m e r i c a n Field Service o r g a n i z a t i o n on the basis of grades and sociability. Kjell played d e f e n s i v e end on the varsity football team . Kjell and George, along with other foreign exchange students, participated in a panel discussion given for the Prairie student body .

This year , for the first time , Prairie High partici - pated in the American Field Service program of sending a student abroad. George Chadima lived with the Henk Wilms family on a farm in North Holland last summer. While in Holland, George learned some of the traditions and customs of the people there and helped them to understand America and its purpose as a leading nation. George has participated in band for four years. AMMCM Eubwjt Kjell and his foster brother, George.

Weighing in Drawings Beginning of meet 7)tiUid Wutilitoj ^omrnmt tournament on February 11 and 12 Prairie was host to the 1961 district wrestling . Participating in only the second year of wrestling, Prairie scored 30 points to place seventh in a field of sixteen teams . Daryl Hynek of Prairie was the heavyweight champion. He became the first individual to represent Prairie High School in the state tournament in the school’s brief history . The End!!!

Cast and stage crew from the production of “ We Shook the Family Tree” presented in the fall with Mrs. Gloria Canney directing and Mary Tilton as Student Director. amps - x • « — “ Don’t worry, Sis. I’ll save you!” “ Bu t Mr. chemistry!* Lincoln, I don’t know a thing about ’ 1 Cast from “ Kris or Kristina’’ presented this spring with Mr. Armand Baker directing and Sharon Selzer as Student Director. Talkington, Paul Fiala, Mr. Baker, Kathy Vrba, Mike Craven and Diana Jackson. 47 FROM LEFT: Sueann Trpkosh, Karolyn Sojka, Maury Novak, Mary Tilton, Sally

The Prairie High School band, under Mr. Frank Kluesner, presented two concerts th The band also performed at the Variety Show and at various other events durin rating . The minstrel show at the second annual Variety Show sponsored by the Music -Parents Club, was a big hit 48 .

his ing V — ~~ w-.. * year and participated in the State Music Contest, where they received an Excellent ±e school year . These seven lovely hula dancers stole the a u d i e n c e ' s heart at the Variety Show. They are, from Left : Dennis Strang, David Steinmetz, Bill Hasek, Mike Craven, Gary Tisl, Dan Merta and Kjell Klynderud . 49

Ervin Poduska, Richard Volesky, John Wil - liams, Bob Havlicek, Don Horak, Larry Walshire. ^7 ROW ONE: Wincie Hall, Phillip Hall, Mr. Kluesner, David Steinmetz, Wayne Novak, Pam Peterson . . ROW TWO: Ron Sirowy, Dan Merta, Truman Wilkin, Don Horak, George Chadima, Glen Clark, Tom Elgas, Mary Tilton. ROW THREE: Ted Biderman, Jim Cerveny 50

While not on stage, of Mrs. Marilyn Barber, watched patiently while the rest of the cast was performing the girls from the spring musical, "The Pirates of Penzance", under the direction . Gary Tisl as the Major General, and Pam Peterson as his daughter, Mabel played important roles in the musical. AT RIGHT: David Steinmetz as Fredric, Duty" . "The Slave of $ ft ft f * • 51

ROW ONE:Connie Morningstar, Karen Voss, Charlotte Osborn, Carol Welsh, Gwendolyn Gould, Carolyn Jarvis, Sandy Sauer, Karen Nicholson ,Beverly Hylton, Nancy Kearns, Mrs , Worley .ROW TWO: Dennis Strang, Jim Miles, Ruth McCormick, Erma Ziskovsky, Janice Benish, Linda Klouda, Pam Peterson, Albert Willenberg, Frank Glaser , Bill Sirowy Sherry Pooler, Connie Langhurst, . .ROW THREE: Mark Fieseler, David Bowersox, Glen Clark, Dan Merta, MikeCraven , Merle Reed, Jim Lefebure, Tom Lahmon , Ron Stallman, George Engel, Frank Hardin President:Jim Lefebure Vice -President: Jim Lefebure Secretary: Pam Peterson I 52 . Treasurer: Carol Raim

* ROW ONE: Darla Mikulecky, Christie Sayre, Barbara Landers, Mildred Osborn, Margie McDade, Deena Houser, Carlita Exline, JimH . Lefebure, Terry Amspoker, Bill Furnish, David Steinmetz, Warren Novotny, Gary Sarchett, Jim Boardman. ROW TWO: MaryLoukota, Anita Benish, Carol Raim, Diane Tomash, Rachel Eden, Mary Ann Yanecek, DarleneDubishar, DianeCerveny, Katie Koutny, Linda Slaymaker, Billie Strasser, Kathy Jamesson. ROW THREE: Dick Stroleny, Larry Glass, Allen Kilberger, Truman Wilkin, Larry Watkins, Ray Detert, Gary Bradford, Bill Hasek, John Schultz, Jay Moore, Cleon Jones . Members of the Junior class operating the concession stand at the football games .

Superintendent S. W. Wiley delivered the toast. The Junior -Senior Banquet preceded the Prom on May 6. Candles and ferns decorated the tables. The Junior class president, James H . Lefebure gave the welcome and Don Grummer, Senior class president gave the response . I Entertainment was provided by Pam Peterson and the Senior girls sextet .

“ Stork Club” was the theme of the third annual Junior-Senior Prom held on May 6 at the SheratonMontrose Ballroom. music. The Variety Club provided the They could have danced all night ! 55

Woodwind Ensemble Flute Quartet Trumpet Trio A trombone Quartet Cornet Quartet Clarinet Quartet

Supaioi %uU toiM'Rtiuuji Brass Ensemble Saxophone Quartet All of these soloists received superior ratings Trumpet Quartet B Drum Ensemble


mt 59

The Baccalaureate Services for the Class of 1961were held Sunday evening on the 21st of May at 8:00 P.M. in the Prairie High School Auditorium. event. It will be something that the Seniors will long remember. All, with the exception of one Graduating Senior, attended this It was a very somber occasion as the students marched in to the music of Pomp and Circumstance in their Caps and Gowns of Royal Blue. Many of the parents present were “ misty-eyed” at the sight of their sons and daughters about ready to graduate . : After the Processional the Invocation was given by Rev. Church in Ely. Francis Larew Pastor of First Presbyterian The Choir then sang two selections and Rev. Guy Martin the Student Pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church of Cedar Rapids, gave the address of the evening entitled “ Shall We Wait for the Godot” . It was a very inspiring speech which many will long remember. 60

The Prairie High School Band opened Commencement with a Concert and brought in the Graduates with “ Pomp and Circumstance” . Invocation was given by Rev. Byron Surface. The Prairie High School Choir sang 3 selections, including the Alma Mater. given by Judith Kloubec. Senior Class President, as he delivers the Senior Message. The Address “ We Live and Learn” was given by Dr. J. Raymond Chadwick, President oflowas Wesleyan College. The A Welcome was Pictured at the left is Donald Grummer, the The Awards and Honors received by the Seniors were given by Mr. Don B. Stansbury. Fred Kinne was among the six who received scholarships and awards. The others included: Don Grummer, Mary Tilton, Sharon Selzer, Bonnie Modracek, Daryl Hynek, and Larry Rohlena. r i 1 .y * L Receiving their diplomas was one of the happiest events in many of the Seniors lives and was the stepping off place into their future. Here one of the Senior girls receives her diploma from Mr. Howard Strongg and Mr. Krob.









Let's do something, boys!!!! (Jmtijtf State Indoor Meet Cornell Relays Prairie Monticello Prairie Anamosa Iowa State Teachers Relays Marion Prairie Prairie Mount Vernon West Branch Bob Shebtka goes to State Anamosa Monticello Prairie Mount Vernon 115 97 101 80 48 70 64 64 44 1/2 1/3 1/6 1/2 1/2 79 78 77 64 7/15 8/15 1/2 1/2 The Relay Runners 72

The Prairie Sprinters Vuck Prairie Monticello Marion Prairie Mount Vernon Tipton Prairie Linn-Mar Solon District Meet Miscowa Conference Meet Prairie Mid-Prairie North Scott Regina J Hawk Relays State Outdoor Meet 89 89 88 41 88 69 84 79 44 33 106 54 46 1/2 1/2 1/4 3/4 1/2 1/2 Coach Purcell and Assistant Coach Leidigh discussing tactics . Don't laugh, he can do it !! 73

ROW ONE: Lon Scriven, Doug Ham, Larry Marak, Jim Miles, TURED: Bob Shebtka . Bill Furnish, David Warren, Ronnie Nove. ROW TWO: Coach Jim Jennings, Frank Hartin, Dan Merta, Bob Beranek, Allen Koepsell, Lyle Svoboda, Jim Lefebure, Don Grummer, Virgil Cerveny, Henry Lefebure, Assistant Coach Don Jennings.NOT PIC - VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE - Summer 1961 Regis Muscatine Norway Durant Regina Solon Muscatine Mid-Prairie City High - Iowa City Norway Regina Solon Coach JimJennings and Assistant Coach Don Jennings Sectional Tournament . 74 There Here There Here Here There There Here Here Here There Here

Coach Don Jennings and his pitching candidates. Coaches and Co-Captains Allen Koepsell and Lyle Svoboda. The Veteran keystone combination consists of Allen Koepsell and Henry Lefebure. Prairie’s left and right handed power. Veteran battery mates are Jim Miles and Lyle Svoboda. 75

The 0 ance of Mrs ^ Juim ' ' O'mhm - - fittWUA/L , under the guid . Gloria Canney, t h i s year practiced teaching in all three schools . This experience gave val uable i n s i g h t i n t o the qualities needed by teachers . This year the Prairie High was organized by Mr . Lynn Schwandt and Mr. Armand Baker. The school chess champ was Richard Volesky.

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