NYS&WTHS Maintenance Of Way Department By Don Chaudruc This article is proof that this Society continues to thrive, moving forward and expanding year after year. In spring of 2017 I went to my fellow board members and asked for the approval of funding for some maintenance of way equipment; this included a Fairmount tie inserter and a RTW tie crane. On the Bel-Del we have had a group of Society volunteers that have continued to take care of the maintenance of way year after year. A few years back this consisted mostly of brush cutting, weed spraying, and general clean-up of the line. Last year the Society entered into a fundraiser in Milford, NJ which I guess you could say led into our forming of a track department. After watching and learning from our track contractor last year a group of our society volunteers including, but not limited to, Rob Fink, Peter Lally, Chris Spiwak, Mike McCann, Don Kinney, Jeff Modica and Dylan Vieytes made Our newly acquired tie inserter at work just North of Milford. into the ownership of a steam locomotive and a complete train set that operates weekly through most of the year. We will be adding a shop facility by the end of the year and now Society members can be proud of the fact that we now have a respectable track department. Our freshly painted tie crane at work North of Milford. The brush cutter hard at work. the choice to move forward with an attempt to form the Societies own real track department. So, in April of 2017 the Board of Directors did approve the purchase of the tie crane and tie inserter, they were moved to the Kinney family farm next to the railroad right of way. The above listed crew spent weeks giving the machines a basic go over, making some wiring upgrades, servicing the engines, replacing hydraulic hoses and repairs as needed. They both received a new paint job in late August and were put to work right away. Between the last week in August and the end of September Society volunteers were responsible for the installation of just over 500 ties on the railroad in multiple locations. (with the assistance and training of two members from Tri-State Track.) I personally feel this is another milestone in the future of the Society. The Society has grown over the years in such a positive manner and this just continues to compliment that. On the operating end of the Society it started with a brokendown M-1 being returned to service. Now it has grown Pete Lally spiking away. Rob Fink hard at work rebuilding our tie inserter. 9

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