T he best way to show what's going on around the railroad is with pictures! Here are some pictures of the work. Left to right, top to bottom: 1.The corn Maze for 2017! 2. Over the Winter the 531 received a brand new carpet! 3. You never know what the day will bring. One morning this huge tree fell in front of us! 4. Dino Days returned to the railroad this August! 6. A leaky flue being removed from the smokebox of #142 7. After many years of mud we finally got a nicely paved platform! 8. Painting the front of #162 South main Phillipsburg our newly owned offices, neing poainted. 9. Our newest piece of maintenance of way equipment, a tie inserter. 10. Millie at the annual Milford Days Event. 11. Les, Chris, Bob and Pete on duty at Milford Alive. 12. Our new gift shop at the mine, built by Dylan Vieytes 13. Greg Ruch working on the front end of #142 14. Keegan Forke inside of the firebox of #142 working on stay bolt replacement. 15. Don Gardner busy in the shop. 16. In order to handle the very large crows we get in the fall , we built an addition to our platform at the mine, 140 long and 12 feet wide. 17 crows of people gather to board the Easter Bunny train.

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