maze attractions. In September, we enlarged the station to handle an additional coach stair plus a bi-level entry or, a car and a half extension to one side. Further improvements will be forthcoming to upgrade and extend the station and our engineers can breathe a little easier making that critical stop. Finally, this was the year we expected to arrive in Riegelsville, our goal for the regular trips since we began operations in 2004. Early in the year, we removed the tree root problem that stopped the active track at mile 42.67 and the track needs minimal work to be put in service down to 42.3 at the crossing. Our schedule, however, only accounts for mile 43 and that’s where the trains stop. Riegelsville station is between the next crossing at 41.9 and mile 42. Because the station is up against a cliff, the runaround was north of the station between the 42 milepost and the crossing at 42.3. So there are three elements involved. First, we want Our new platform at Lehigh Junction, freshly paved . deal of decoration and other accessories that, when unused, need storage. For years we have been renting a storefront on South Main Street in order to use the garage attached to the property as our warehouse. As there was concern about losing the facility, a move was made to acquire the property to insure its retention and to provide lodging, replacing two rents we pay with a mortgage. There is also the potential to rent out a store front for further income. The station was not without improvement. On August 16th, the platform was finally paved. This eliminated large puddles and erosion from the hill, rocks and uneven footing and allows a permanent safety strip to be painted. Electric conduit was laid in the ground for power and lighting before the paving. In the future, we hope to raise the platform to eight inches over the rail to eliminate the use of step boxes but, this is an intermediate step we can well live with for some time. At Snyders station, formally Mine station, we had only two boxes a coach –length apart so that both ends of one car could be opened. Engineers had only about a four-foot margin to accurately stop the train. This became a real detriment in the busiest month of October when the station is used, well over the original intended capacity, for the mine and corn to get over the crossing at 42.3 and place a station in the area of the north end of the runaround to unload for the winery, just above us there. Second, is to create the runaround, so that the engine leads the train north and not pushes it, which delays it. Third, is to get into the station proper so we can unload people there who wish to walk across the bridge to the Riegelsville in PA and enjoy the restaurant in the inn there. Ultimately, we want to reconstruct the station building that burned down in 1969. So, 2017 will see a great deal of improvement by year’s end and bring us that much closer to our goals. With increased activity and ridership, the “Help Wanted” sign is always out. We are in need of many different skills that can also be learned along the way. With the advent of a new shop and lots of room to work, many different projects can proceed simultaneously. Contact Mechanical@nyswths.org for information on how to help. The new platform at “Snyder” station . Serving the Mine and Corn Maze. 19 CMO Gary Matthews busy doing prep work to replace stay bolts on locomotive #142.

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