Westbound SU 99 at Oak Ridge NJ May 2017 at either Binghamton or Cortland. Other power on the property includes the normal contingent of power: CSX units 2700, 2732, and 2782; plus the NS 5291, 5294, and the 5146 (the high hood GP38-2). These units are rotated between divisions as needs require and generally only leave the property when they are due for their respective 92-day inspections. Earlier this summer, CSX found it short of a 4-axle locomotive when their normally assigned one went north for its usual inspection and reassignment. CSX requires a 4-axle unit to serve the ex- Erie-E-L-Conrail Northern Branch industrial with its Mon-Fri local, C777. However, Selkirk didn’t send a replacement unit, so CSX simply “borrowed” the CSX 2782, which had just returned from inspection and was awaiting delivery to the NYSW. In return, CSX “lent” the NYSW SD40-3 4072, a “spongebob square cab” SD40 rebuild with a new, redesigned cab. This went on for a couple of weeks, with the 4072 even making a few round trips on the SU-99/100 trains to and from Binghamton and Syracuse. Something a little different, to be sure. IN CLOSING As you know, it’s been a while since this column last appeared, so forgive me if I omitted anything. I try to keep a running list of items to report on for the following column, but sometimes things escape me, and I’m sure some things have escaped me here as well. That said, as I always note, this column, the REFLECTOR, and the THS as a whole are 15 Bottom left :Westbound SU 99 passing the L&HR station, Warwick NY July 2017 Bottom right: A rare Daylight SU 99 westbound at Campbell Hall, NY July 2017 only as good as its members. So, we cannot do it without you. Whether its contributing to this publication, submitting images for the following year’s calendar, volunteering in any of the numerous capacities of the THS, we need you! Plain and simple. No you, no us. There are plenty of ways to contribute to the success of the society. You can find the society on the web, attend a meeting and ask an officer about getting involved, or email me with any news items of interest. My email address is: blet601@gmail.com. Any emails will be acknowledged and replied as best as my schedule allows. Until next time……. Photographs on next page.. All photographs by the author. Top left :A rare Daylight SU 99 westbound at Campbell Hall, NY July 2017 Top right : Westbound SU 99 led by SD40 3018 at Excelsior Mills June 2017

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