significant expansion at Resources (former transloading site for Hanjin stacks for those with memories) with significant auto rack traffic moved onto the property primarily from NS via Croxton yard in Jersey City, NJ. In a Northern Division incident in July, a 13 year old boy admitted to releasing the brakes on a covered hopper in Utica, with the result that it rolled down Schuyler Street, causing one motor vehicle accident in the process before rolling to a dead end track adjacent to the Amtrak Utica Union Station, ramming into a stationary display steam locomotive and pushing THAT into part of the station structure related to a passenger overpass over the CSX tracks that pass through the station. Miraculously no one was hurt in the incident which resulted in significant damage to the car, the display steam engine and the station itself. Also on the Northern Division, Utica side, on November 6th, the railroad ran a test train (read: light engine) on the Utica branch south from Sangerfield to Sherburne. This portion of the line had been embargoed since 2009. As explained by someone online with a reputable reputation, NY State provided the money for the work to be performed to be able to operate a train over this segment of the line. If the train didn’t run, the funds provided would have to be reimbursed to NY State, so the train operated to prevent the reimbursement and to show the necessary repairs were made. There is currently no significant customer base or potential for customers on this segment of the line. There is one lumber company that currently gets their traffic delivered from CSX Dewitt yard. But, as they say, never say never. Stay tuned. Back on the Southern Division, detours operated again via NJ Transit in September when the Middletown & New Jersey had several grade crossing repair/upgrades ongoing at the same time. The result was that several SU-99’s operated west to Passaic Jct where an NS pilot crew met the train, tied on to the head end, did a brake test and then departed out at “BT” and controlled the train to Hudson Jct where the NYS&W crew resumed control of the train. As NJT is cab signal territory to Hudson Jct and the NYS&W units are not equipped and the crews are not qualified, the pilots and cab signal equipped power was necessary. One westbound departed with a pair of NS GP38-s leading 4 NYS&W SD60’s and 75 cars, making for a particularly nice sound through Ridgewood at just after 1 AM on September 26. MOTIVE POWER REPORT Things have been somewhat quiet in this department the past few months, so not too much this time around to report on. The SD60’s are earning their keep on the road trains, the CSX and NS leased units are doing the same and the pair of leaser GP38’s can be and have been rotated between the Northern and Southern Divisions as needed. The Sparta Local, the SJ-1 has been using the 3018 or the 3022 for a while, as this assignment is best suited for a six axle locomotive. It’s safe to say that six axle power could also be reasonably applied to some other locals on the Southern Division given the traffic levels. As for the two SD45’s, the 3618 has been seeing service on the Northern Division of late while the 3634 was recently (October) spotted in Binghamton awaiting reinstallation of its dynamic brake grids and fans. As of press time there is no confirmation of this heading back into service. 14 The two tunnel motors that have been out west for rebuilding and conversion to ECO locomotives (thanks to grant money) have yet to return to home rails though reports indicate that time may be drawing close. The railroad could really use having the additional units available. As for the 4 axles, the NS 5291 and the 5294 as well as the CSX 2782 and 2732 (the “William Smith”) have been earning their keep without any major down time except for returning to home rails for their 92 day inspections. But given the demands of service on both 4 and 6 axle units these days, the less down time the better. RETIREMENT TIME …AGAIN The generational changing of the guard continues on the railroad. This time there were two retirements of note, both from the Northern Division. First off, in June, longtime road engineer Sid Baldwin retired at the end of the month. Sid started in 1979 for Delaware Otsego (the NYS&W’s parent company) and was initially employed in the track department. He also spent time on the Lackawaxen and Stourbridge, as well as the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloverville. He transferred to Train & Engine (T&E) service in 1983 and has worked out of Binghamton NY ever since. He was, for several years, also the General Chairman for BLE&T Division 521, as well as one of (Continued on page 15) Joe White and myself at Ridgefield Park NJ Oct 2015

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