Sid Baldwin's last SU 99 at PC, Saddle the National Vice Presidents for the National Division of the BLE&T. Sid was also a true professional, and while I didn’t work with him, he treated me as a true brother engineer, and I tried to do the same. I consider him a friend and wish him well as he leaves the railroad behind. He was given a nice send off by his current and former coworkers in Binghamton as he headed east for his last SU-100 to New Jersey, and the turnout was quite good, with food, drink and cake. Asked what his plans were now that he would be retired, he stated: “Golf and Scuba diving”, among other things. Enjoy, Sid; you earned it. And speaking of retirements, another one of note took place October 30th, and this one had a direct bearing with the THS. It was that of Northern Division General Manager and VP Joe White. Those with memories will recall he was the host (so to speak) for the years the THS would help staff the Cortland-Marathon shuttle trans for the annual Marathon Maple Festival, usually in March of each year, depending on when Easter fell on the calendar. In terms of dealing with the THS, Joe could not have been more professional, more accommodating, or more of a gentleman. Joe started his career on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, then going to Conrail in 1976 when they took over the LV and others. He then went to the NYS&W in the early 80’s as an engineer, eventually moving up to trainmaster and road foreman as well as becoming General Manager for the Northern Division. He became well known in circles for his affection for ALCo's. A simple stop at the Binghamton yard office would often result in a several hour visit. If the timing was right, lunch would be at local Italian restaurant Cortese’s across town. But for myself, he always had time to 15 talk, and never made me felt as if I was imposing on him when I would stop by. Personally, he couldn’t have been nicer or more gracious towards me over the years, and I will not soon forget his kindness. Granted I didn’t have to work with/for him, so my relationship was different than that of his employees. But I’m glad to have counted him as a friend, and brother engineer and railroader. Enjoy, Joe. Well, the column is a little shorter this time around as you can see. But that’s doesn’t mean there's never the need for news. Please feel free to email me at: blet601@gmail.com if you come across or have any news you feel we can use. The magazine is for the membership, and they should also help assemble it with their news items. Until next time… Photographs on next page.. All photographs by the author. Top left :SU 99 Along Route 23 at Newfoundland NJ June 2015 Top right : SU 99 at Wortendyke NJ June 2015 Bottom left :SU 99 on a late summer's day at Franklin NJ June 2015 Bottom right: Eastbound SU 100 crossing the Delaware at Hancock NY 6/28 (Continued on page 17)

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