MSHC 2013 Year in Review Year 2013 concluded another busy year for the Maywood Station Museum. Aside from the usual mix of preservation and maintenance items we attend to as well as a new restoration By Ed Kaminski H .O Scale Model of Maywood Station Museum’s Historic Locomotive to be Released this Spring! A finely-detailed, operating, H.O. Scale limited-run model of the actual National Register Listed, 1942-built, New York, Susquehanna & Western Alco S-2 Locomotive #206 that is cosmetically restored and located at the Maywood Station Museum will be produced by the Atlas Model Railroad Company this Spring. The model is available EXCLUSIVELY through the Maywood Station Museum while supplies last and all proceeds will benefit the museum. The Maywood Station Museum is accepting orders and the model will be available in Item # MSHC-01 (Analog/Decoder Ready) for $125.00 each (MSRP $149.95) and Item# MSHC02 (Decoder Equipped with Sound) for $220.00 each (MSRP $259.95). To place an order for a model(s), please send an email to info@maywoodstation.com with the quantity you wish to order and specify either Item# MSHC- 01 or Item# MSHC02 including your name, address and telephone number. For more information, please visit the Maywood Station Museum website at www.maywoodstation.com or the Maywood Station Museum Facebook page. All proceeds go to further preservation and maintenance of the historic Maywood Station Museum. project, membership had a very challenging schedule of museum open house events including our third year hosting a series of free concerts at the station. In 2013 we held a new event The Easter Bunny at the Maywood Station Museum on March 30. The event was very successful and with approximately 300 visitors. Many parents commented that they enjoyed the event and we look forward to making this an annual event in the museum schedule. We also held three free concerts on the station grounds – two on Wednesday evening open houses in June and August and one during Annual Railroad Day at Maywood Station on October 6. The weather was great for all three free concerts and attendance was good. The concerts were known as the The Maywood Station Museum Backyard Summer Concert Series and were once again sponsored by Park Avenue Acura. The concerts featured performances by local bands and performers, which included Dave Murphy & the Bull Brothers; Anker and David Jacobsen. On October 6, the museum hosted Annual Railroad Day at Maywood Station Museum. The event went on exceptionally well and it was estimated that approximately 400 people visited the station that day. The Annual Santa at Maywood Station Museum event on December 14 drew a record-high of 542 visitors marking our largest Santa event ever. Public attendance figures to the museum’s 2013 schedule of two open houses on Wednesday evenings and four Sunday afternoons between May and November plus the Annual Santa at Maywood Station Museum event on Saturday, December 14 came in slightly above 2012. The museum had the good fortune of enjoying favorable weather conditions at each open house/event. Additionally, the November 10 regular open house had an unusually high amount of visitors. For the year 2013, the Maywood Station Museum schedule of six open houses and the Annual Santa at Maywood Station Museum event drew 2419 visitors, up from the year 2012 total of 2387. This signified a 1.01% increase. Prior year totals are 2577 in year 2011; 2351 in year 2011; 2289 in year 2009; 1982 in year 2008, 2142 in year 2007, 1967 in year 2006; and 1621 in year 2005, the first year of museum operations. The museum also saw a 3.2% increase in revenue from open houses as compared to year 2012. The books, Maywood - The Borough, The Railroad, and The Station and The New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad in New Jersey and sales from Museum Store items including The Maywood Station Story DVD; holiday ornaments; calendars; T-shirts and hats; Reflector magazines; and Maywood Station models; as well as general donations and commercial photos helped contribute to the bottom line. Online sales through the Maywood Station Museum website’s Museum Store posted an increase of 82% over 2012 led by strong book and calendar sales. The 2013 Maywood Station Museum Holiday Ornament, which was released on October 6 at the Annual Railroad Day at the Maywood Station Museum event officially sold-out on December 14 for the second year in a row at the Annual Santa at Maywood Station Museum event. The annual ornament continues to be a strong year-end fundraiser for the museum. Year 2013 also brought several new additions and donations to the museum including many new photographs to the collection. (Continued on page 14) 13

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