Aside from the upcoming Museum Open Houses and events schedule for 2014, membership will be working on several maintenance and preservation items as well as commencing on a large, new, restoration project of an original New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad semaphore signal. The semaphore pole and base was moved to the station in the summer of 2013. The goal is to restore the semaphore to operating condition sometime in 2014. If you haven’t visited our museum in the past, we invite you to come to an open house or event in 2014 and experience our museum for the first time. If you’ve visited in the past, make plans to visit us again and see our new displays, exhibits and events. - Ed Kaminski Available Now!! - Maywood & NYS&W in New Jersey Books! The Maywood Station Museum Store now has available two books written by historian, author and Maywood Station Historical Committee President, Edward S. Kaminski and published by Arcadia Publishing Company. Maywood - The Borough, The Railroad, and The Station traces Maywood's history from a farming community through its population and industrial growth brought on in part by the coming of the New Jersey Midland Railway in 1872. Separate chapters include The Borough of Maywood; The New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad in Maywood; and Maywood Station including its role in the development of Maywood and its recent restoration and museum. New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad in New Jersey, traces the history of the railroad from the late 19th century through the 20th century and covers the complete route of all its mainline track and branches in New Jersey. Each 128-page book contains over 200 quality images with detailed captions and are available for $22.00 each at Maywood Station on Museum Open House dates or by mail order through our website at www.maywoodstation.com. All proceeds will go toward further preservation and maintenance of the historic Maywood Station Museum. Society Train Show at Mother Seton High School in Clark, NJ on Sunday, March 2. MSHC Members Rob Pisani, Kevin Quinn, David Percival, Wendy Cummings, Tim Moses and Vince Molodowec were on hand representing the Maywood Station Museum at the table…….Pat Reynolds and his wife Barbara vacationed in Utah during mid-March. Pat also ran in a marathon while he was there…..Original MSHC member Doug Earls has taken a new job in Texas and has relocated there……The Easter Bunny visits the Maywood Station Museum on Saturday, April 12 from 10am to Noon. This event was very well received last year and we look forward to hosting this year’s event once again. Maywood Station Museum Store The Maywood Station Museum has available numerous merchandise items in the Museum Store on Open House dates or they can be ordered online on our website at www.maywoodstation.com. These items include the awardwinning DVD documentary The Maywood Station Story; Maywood – The Borough, The Railroad, and The Station and New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad in New Jersey books; Atlas Model Railroad Company HO and N-scale models of the actual Maywood Station™; Maywood Station Museum Holiday Ornaments and Pens; Maywood Station Museum T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Windshirts and Caps; NYS&W Railway Caps; NYS&W Railway Miniature Clocks; NYS&W Railway Calendars; NYS&W Railway Lithographs and Postcards; NYS&WT&HS Calendars; Engineer Hats; Children's Train Whistles; Children's Pull Toy Trains; and Atlas Model Railroad Company Train Sets. All proceeds help support the preservation and maintenance of the historic Maywood Station Museum MSHC Membership News Ed Kaminski’s photo of an NYS&W train blasting through a snow bank at the Maywood Avenue grade crossing in fron to the Maywood Station Museum appeared in the Jan. 5 Sunday edition of The Record Newspaper……A Red Carpet reception was held on Feb. 8 for Kevin Quinn to commemorate his appearance on the Extreme Collectors television show……Keith Smollin married his fiancé Bonnie on March 15 in Scranton, PA. Congrats to both! …….Work will start again once the weather warms in the spring where it was left off in the fall on the restoration of the semaphore pole……The Maywood Station Museum once again hosted a sales and information table at the annual Jersey Central Chapter National Railway Historical 14

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