T wenty five years! It seems like only yesterday when we started out on this adventure. We have been many places and done so many interesting things. It is inconceivable to imagine that things could have worked out any better! Things were not always easy, in fact, our success has come out of adversity! Every time a roadblock was put in our way, we worked around it only to come out better than ever before. Our specialty has always been historic restoration of railroad equipment funded by operating trips for the general public. Our equipment roster has blossomed from our humble beginnings with the NYSW RDC M-1, to a whole fleet of equipment including our very own steam locomotive NYSW #142. We have operated trips near and far. Hawthorne, Maywood, Rutherford, Whippany, Ledgewood, Butler, Rockaway, Newfoundland, Dover, Westfield, Dunellen, Binghamton, Syracuse, Lincoln Park, Ridgewood, Morristown, Hackensack and Phillipsburg all have hosted our excursions. We hold some of the most coveted licenses in the tourist railroad industry, such as, A Day Out With Thomas, The Polar Express and Dinosaur Train. Over 100,000 people visited our Delaware River Railroad Excursions in 2013. None of this happened by accident, we have an extremely competent group of volunteers that have dedicated their free time to ensure the success of the organization. Over the years, we have become a tight knit “family” existing for much more than simply the trains. The true secret to our success is in the caring and compassion we share for each other and our shared enthusiasm for our hobby. We have shared births, weddings, graduations and sadly, deaths, always coming together for the betterment of all. On these pages you will see some pictures of various trips we have operated and places we have been. I could fill books with all the photographs. Not much has changed other than some gray hair here and there. Our goals are still he same and our “family” is strong as ever. I thank each and one of you for all that we have. Chris Cotty VP & General Manager

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