CLUB CHALET CONTINUED… Preparing for the barbecue! In good company indeed! The eloquent Yunus in the midst of delivering a Toast. T l m R ( a f W a In addition, endless rounds of charades were played through the final night with popcorn popped to accompany the insatiable hearts (and appetites!) of our members. Alvin Teng, a new addition to the Toastmasters family, reflected on his experience during the club chalet, “I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and games we played. They were not only fun but also put us through the battle of wits against one another. Living up to the name of good communicator indeed! Not forgetting the late night heart-to-heart talks we had as well! Looking back, those occasions felt so heartwarming; just like having another home.” Kudos to the club chalet organisers, Cyn Ray, Jonta and Yi Hao for organising such a memorable year-end event. It has indeed left everyone with plenty of memories to look back on with smiles and laughter. To all Toastmasters, we hope that the chalet of 2016 has been the beginning of many wonderful friendships in your life, thank you for being a part of it! Role playing, or real life?

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