To be a better speaker, thinker and leader. Christmas Themed Meeting 201 To #1: Don’t panic even if you stumble or say something you weren’t planning to say - chances are that the In December 2016, NUS Toastmasters Club held the annual, highl anticipated ‘Christmas Themed Chapter Meeting’ – a yearly affair to celebrate Christmas and more importantly, to bring the club closer as a family. The festive mood was nothing short of infectious, thanks in no sma part to the Christmas decorations that were painstakingly displayed by the organisers. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, anyone? In the meeting room, fun games and activities awaited a room fu of eager Toastmasters. With Chris’s charm and wit, our members snapped out of a food-induced coma and into an enthused mood. Members were quickly split into groups and given particularly Christmas-y scenarios to ac out (a la charades). Needless to say, it did not take long to have the room filled with peals of laughter. On top of the exciting games and activities, the organisers also had a gift exchange where members traded in the gift the brought for a random one that someone else brought. How exciting! For some members, it was the first of many more exciting themed meetings to come; for others it was an event that has found a special place in their hearts. Regardless of which category you fall under, the Christma Themed Meeting of 2016 has been a magical evening of celebration and camaraderie. Special thanks to the organisers (Chris, Kelly and Zhang Ying) fo their efforts and foresight in planning this event! At NUS Toastmaster Club, everyone is a leader; look out for opportunities to organise a themed meeting of your own!

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