Teachers Call on Multiple Methods to Meet Their Instructional Goals Accomplished educators understand the full breadth of pedagogical options available to them. They use traditional methods, and they employ innovative strategies to advance student learning in pace with the dynamic conditions of the classroom. Alternate Teaching Ideas: · Problem-based Learning · Flipped classroom · Student journals · Model building Accomplished teachers modify their learning environments and their instructional materials as needed. Teachers invite stakeholders and colleagues to the classroom so they can share their experience and communicate their expertise on specific topics. Accomplished educators enlist a wide range of support— from students, teachers, and paraprofessionals to family and community members—to provide their students with instructional opportunities that will augment their learning. Accomplished teachers examine pedagogical issues regularly and reflect on their practice so that they use classroom time constructively . Activities may include outdoor experiments, classroom simulations, journaling or notetaking. (What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do) Teachers Support Student Learning in Varied Settings and Groups Accomplished teachers know how to work with different groups of students. They manage those interactions carefully, establishing space for constructive communication, helping students adopt productive roles. Accomplished teachers use time and materials to foster student success, and their teaching provides each student tools for learning. (What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do)

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