Teachers Regularly Assess Student Progress Thoughtful assessment requires diligence. Accomplished teachers find ways to accommodate what they know and learn about themselves and their students within plans for the whole group. They take individuals into consideration, thinking across the full spectrum of ability within their classrooms. Individuals may not learn the same thing or move at the same pace, but accomplished teachers are dedicated to ensuring that they all increase their knowledge, strengthen their skills, and expand their abilities. (What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do , p. 28) · Accomplished teachers evaluate their students throughout the learning process, from start to finish. · They monitor student behavior at various times, in various situations, and for various purposes. · When asking questions during group discussions, teachers may determine how well students comprehend information. · When speaking with individuals working independently, they may consider ways to augment student learning. · When using an online assessment that provides immediate feedback from the class, they may gauge the relative value of an instructional technique.

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