Core Proposition #2: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. By: Brad Rhew, NBCT and Anne Proctor, NBCT Summary: If one cardinal principle of teaching is a commitment to the welfare and education of young people, another is a commitment to subject matter. Accomplished teachers are dedicated to acquainting students with the social, cultural, ethical, and physical worlds in which we live, and they use the subjects they teach as an introduction to those realms. A comprehensive understanding of subject matter entails more than the recitation of dates, multiplication tables, or grammatical rules within a single content domain. Rather, it requires the pursuit of substantive knowledge by exploring domains and making connections to become fully engaged in the learning process. (What teachers should know and be able to do. p. 18) Qualities of an Accomplished Teacher Whether they are specialists or generalists, accomplished teachers use rich, complex subject matter to promote student learning across developmental levels. -What Teachers Should Know and Be Able To Do

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