Teachers Treat Students Equitably · Teachers ensure students receive their fair share of attention. · Teachers recognize their own biases in reference to ability differences, exceptionalities, socioeconomic or cultural background, family configuration, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, race, ethnicity, language, religion, age or gender. · Teachers make sure that they maintain professional relationships with students. · Teachers maintain an open mind and balanced perspective. · Teachers ensure that students have the tools they need to learn. Knowledge Taxonomy Evaluation 6 Synthesis 5 Analysis 4 Application 3 Comprehension 2 Knowledge 1 Relevance Makes Rigor Happen! Rigor/Relevance Framework C Assimilation Student Thinks (Relationships Important) A Acquisition Teacher Works (Relationships of Little Importance) 1 2 3 Application Model Questions to Consider: · How do you ensure fairness for all students? · How do you praise students? · How is your grading system fair to everyone and implemented to move student learning forward? · How do you learn about your students and their differences? · How do you examine your own biases and work through those biases to ensure equity? · How do you know you are making the standards based decisions that are best for student learning? · How do you teach tolerance in your classroom? D Adaptation Student Thinks and Works (Relationships Critical) B Application Student Works (Relationships Important) 4 5 International Center for Leadership in Education

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