The ice started getting back to normal and fallen branches lifted up in place. The world seemed to turn correctly and the birds chirped in their normal way. Everything was back to normal, well except for Ethan and Mia. "Mia, are you okay?!" asked Ethan, screaming at the top of his lungs. He saw a black body silhouette, it had to be her. The light was getting closer and closer. He was getting closer to the end of the never ending hole. Ow! That didn't hurt at all! He said hitting the hard-rock ground. The person reacted the same way and said, "Have you found a white bunny with clothes anywhere? I recognize that he has a clock." "Oh,no. What's your name?" questioned Ethan. "My name is Alice Kingsleigg. I just got a proposal from Hamish, but I don't care. Obviously my curiosity takes me everywhere! Now, where exactly are we?" said Alice. Ethan was more surprised than ever, he had just finished connecting the points. It all makes sense! She was Alice in Wonderland! He just had to save Mia from Wonderland and let Alice off so that he didn't mess up the story. "Tell me about your dreams," requested Ethan, "and also, why is the rabbit hole in Central Park?" "I do no know what 'cientrail' park is. Although, I can tell you about my dreams. There was a bunny, caterpillar, two cute twin brothers, a magical cat, Mad Hatter, the White Queen, the Queen of Hearts, and the rest I can't seem to remember." It was perfect, he had the information he needed. It was just like the books and movies. Ethan went into the door and walked into Wonderland. Alice couldn't fit through the door and exclaimed, "Wait for me!" Wonderland was beautiful. There was just no other word that he could use. The flowers decorated the world with their forevermore shades and tones of colors. Butterflies flew in instant patterns and chattered with the flowers and bugs. Exotic and magical animals stared at Ethan as he walked past. The world was amazing. How could he put it into words? He now arrived at the tea party with the March Hare and Mad Hatter. At the corner of his eye he spotted Mia, who started running towards Ethan. "Ethan, you came back for me! I thought I was never going to get back," said Mia in excitement. "Of course I would," he answered stroking her brunette hair. Her blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight that just was just coming in. Mia blushed. She knew what Ethan meant. The ground started shaking and the friends fell to the ground feeling dizzy. This wind made them rise up in the air. Two seconds later they were in the busy streets of New York. "This was all magic! Ethan, do you believe in magic?" questioned Mia. "It wasn't magic, it was love," he simply answered. 8

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