Grades 3-5 Prose 2nd Place "Ghostly" by Anushri Raj The Village School Grade 5 Teacher: Lauren Attaway "Dancing spirits in this world never leave you. People say fairytales aren't real but if you believe with your heart, the magic will appear." -Sofia Vidal The sky was dark and cloudy. White fog filled the air like spirits from the underground. The clouds painted the dark sky gray. It was a full moon night. There were leaves laid out on the ground like shattered bones. Hi. My name is Sofia Vidal. You can see me as a very friendly person. From my luscious long brown hair to my aqua painted toe nails, I was beautiful. Look, I'm not try to brag, okay? I should probably stop interrupting the story now. It was 11:00pm. I was coming back from having a fun day at the mall with my friends. My hands were getting super tired and it was about to rain so I decided I will take the shortcut home through the old, hair-raising graveyard. You might be thinking why, but as I said, my hands are completely sore. It felt like I have been carrying over one hundred pounds. The graveyard gate swung back and forth like a one hundred year old see-saw. "Creak!" I felt like someone was watching me. My feet suddenly rooted to the ground as eeriness took over me. A cold chill went down my back. Terror tumbled her feelings. It was as creepy as finding a roach on your pillow. Then something held me. I could feel the pointy fingernails scraping in my back. I had to let it out. "EEK!" I screamed so loud that someone could die! It turns out it was my mom. She was waiting for me to come back home, as it was so late. I texted her and told her that I was coming through the graveyard, so I expected her there. But it was still scary! "Mom! Cut your long creepy fingernails! You totally freaked me out!" I cried. "But dear, I didn't do anything. I was standing right in front of you," my mom explained in an innocent voice. "And I do not have long fingernails!" my mom added. I knew something was wrong. There was definitely someone behind me, but I don't want to find to because it won't be good. We both went home leaving the unknown mystery behind. 9

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