Grades 3-5 Prose 1st Place "Fell in Love" by Sofia Vidal The Village School Grade 5 Teacher: Lauren Attaway The world is full of secrets and things that will change the way you look at them. People who you thought were your best friends can change the way you look and treat them by their actions. Magic is real. That is because some days you'll need it. Though, magic cannot be stronger than love, because that's what hold it all together... The sun was falling out of the pastel colored sky as the moon came right up. They yellow and orange rays were leaving the trees and flowers alone for some time as they turned more opaque with their dark, green, leafy colors. Now, people were leaving Central Park in New York, except for a group of friends ice skating on the white ice near the dark grass covered in leaves. The chilly fall wind made Ethan, one of the four friends, fall. "Ouch," said Ethan, "I hope I don't get hurt for my soccer game." Mia came right up to him skating in a rhythm that really soothed Ethan after his fall, making him forget everything that just happened and focused on her. Her past six years of ice skating really paid off. "Here, let me give you a hand," she said almost bursting into laughter. Mia go her hand out of her pocket and offered Ethan help. "Thanks," he said in embarrassment. He held Mia's hand to get up for help and he felt this tingling sensation, love. Excitement ran through Ethan's body and he blushed. Their hands bonding for a second made Amy and Nathan chuckle. As Ethan got up, the ice started grumbling and then shaking. Seconds later, breaking. The four friends were astonished. The ice started getting this orange glow that could almost light up the whole city. It was getting brighter and brighter, as if there was sun under the ice. It was beautiful. "What are we going to do? We need to get help!" exclaimed Amy in her strong southern accent. Amy's brunette hair flung over the chilly hair and so did Mia's. The four friends fell on the cold, shaking, glowing ice. Crack! The ice started cracking and the crack ran from one corner of the ice until to the whole ice being split in half. "Jump!" said Nathan to Mia and Ethan who were stuck in the other half almost about to fall in the shining hole. "Jump, Mia, I'll be okay!" Mia jumped, her arms flung so violently in the air that one of them got stuck with the dark, brown, oak trees. The last thing the four friends knew was that Mia fell in the hole. Momentously, Ethan jumped into the shining, orange hole to save Mia, her loved one. 7

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