everything stopped, my eyes filled with tears and tears rushed out like a raging river. I tried to interrogate my dad with multiple questions but all that came out of my mouth was mumbles and stutters and weeps. We got to her room and I pushed the door open rapidly to find a pale sleeping child laying in a hospital bed with wires hooked up to her and a nurse standing next to the bed while my mom was sitting next to her in a chair with a dull and far away face that seemed to say, why my child? Why? I rushed to my mom and wrapped my arms around her and tears began to pour out of her eyes like a waterfall. I asked her what's wrong, why is Maya here, but she didn't answer me. She just sat there crying and staring at the wall not saying a single word but just weeping in sorrow. I slowly began to cry as I looked around. I knew this wasn't good news. I could tell the way my mom and dad looked, especially poor little Maya who didn't really know what was going on. I asked the nurse what's wrong with Maya and she said, I'd rather wait until your parents tell you what happened. I walked out of the room and sat outside the door wondering what could've been wrong, but I knew it was something bad. It was now two thirty in the afternoon and I was still slouched over next to the door thinking about what my parents would tell me. I saw a male doctor walk into the room, but he left the door ajar, so I listened carefully since I knew my parents wouldn't tell me until I was ready to take in the news. All I remember is the doctor say, "I'm sorry to break to you Mr. and Mrs. Hope, but your daughter has Leukemia." After he said that I burst into tears and so did my parents. I couldn't take it any longer just the suffer and pain of every day to come home and find another thing wrong with my little sister. I ran out of the hospital and out onto sidewalk. I just sat there on the curb praying that it was a false alarm, but I knew it wasn't. I crept through the door trying to be silent as possible, but as soon as I stepped through the door I heard Maya say Mikayla comer here, I want to talk to you. I have to admit I was nervous. It made me sad to see her this way but I knew she was still her happy and cheerful self. I walked over to her bed and saw her big smile that she always wore upon her face. I couldn't do anything else but smile back. Her smile just gave me a warm feeling in my heart even though I knew she wasn't feeling good, yet I knew she would make it through and survive. It feels as if we sat there talking for hours. She told me about how before she came to the hospital she had a huge nosebleed and my mom couldn't figure out what was wrong so they took her to the hospital and they hooked her up to a machine. Then she told me they put her to sleep with medicine and she went though the surgery so they could figure out what was wrong with her. When she told me that my heart broke like glass shattering. It hurt me because she didn't think what was being done was a big deal, but really it was a life or death situation. 22

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