Two nights later we got to take Maya home with us and we had to go to bed because she needed all the sleep she could get because of how weak she was. I kissed her goodnight and headed to my room. I sat there thinking how did she get it and why her? Why do the happiest and most cheerful people get Leukemia or any illness? I tried to keep thinking positive and thinking of the best things that could happen, but all I could think about is what if she dies from this and what if they can't cure her. All I thought that night was what if. I woke the next morning and got ready for school. I really didn't want to go to school. I just wanted to stay at home with Maya and be with her. I couldn't stand leaving her to go to school, but I knew I had to go. I got on the bus and didn't talk to anyone. I just felt like I shouldn't be happy at a time that my sister was suffering. We went the same route as every morning and ended up at school. I couldn't even think through any of my classes: I just felt like no one would understand what's happening in my life. I tried to rush past the day, ignore my friends, and I didn't even feel like eating lunch or doing anything just so the day could go by. I finally got home to find my sister on the couch sleeping. A calming rush went through my body knowing that she's just sleeping and that she's ok. This was just the first day. I thought there's just going to be many more days like this. I sighed and went to my room to do my homework. As long as she's okay and happy then I'll be happy, and I knew the days will get better from here. Unfortunately, they didn't get better. They got worse. She began losing hair days at a time, and after she lost all of her hair she became bald, pale and very weak. Although she couldn't do anything she still made it an effort to smile every time she saw me, and that's the only thing that's been getting me through my day. Except for the trips to the hospital every weekend for her treatments our lives stayed pretty normal. This was now the fourth week of Maya having Leukemia, and she was doing amazing with her treatment. I went though my routine every morning, got up, got on the bus, went to school, and got home. Except this time when I got home no one was there. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my phone and called my mom. I was shaking vigorously. I was so scared of what she was going to tell me when she answered. Luckily she answered, but her voice sounded different. She sounded worried and scared. She told me to ask Alex our neighbor to drive me to the hospital and I said ok and hung up. I rushed over to Alex's house and asked her for a ride. She gave me a ride, and we were off to the hospital. I was worried of what lay ahead at the hospital. We got there and I bolted through the doors. I went to the desk and asked for Maya's room number and I sprinted to the room. I flung open the door and found Maya on the bed playing with her dolls and my mom and dad sitting in chairs with worried looks on their faces. They told me that the doctors were going to perform a surgery to help cure Maya. I was so happy I began to cry. I thought this is it. She'll be better and we could play with each other again. My parents 23

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