no purple area or bruised area on the bridge of her nose. As for the vast bruise on her cheek, she said she'd never seen this happen to Maya, so she doesn't know how she got the bruise so easily. Later that night we went to bed. All these thoughts flew through my mind like millions of birds in the sky. I mainly wondered why? How did she fall delicately and still manage to get an extremely bloody nose and how did she get such a vast bruise on her cheek? That kept me up all night just wondering why? I knew I had to go to school tomorrow, so I had to go to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep thinking tomorrow is going to be new day, nobody's going to get hurt and nothing will go wrong. I woke up and got ready for school. I had to get up early since the middle school I go to starts early, so I did my daily routine and walked into the kitchen. My parents were still sleeping even though they had to go to work early as well, and I just thought to myself, "Wow, I'm in middle school in the eight grade and I'm fourteen and still get up earlier than my parents." They knew I got up early though because I had to catch the bus. i grabbed an apple and headed for the bus stop. I got on the bus, sat in the same old spot, saw the same old friends and headed to the same old school. I went to all of my seven classes and tried to stay awake in all of them. Lucky the day ended quickly, and I got back on the bus, got off and walked down the street to my house. I came home to find Maya's nose spewing blood again and she had another vast bruise but on her knee this time. Apparently she rolled off the couch, but my parents said she didn't fall hard. That's what made me extremely curious. Days like this happened for two weeks straight. Me coming home and finding my mom, sister, and dad in the bathroom cleaning up her bloody nose and she would have another vast bruise on her body, but my mom and dad though it was normal and that she going through a phase, yet I knew something was wrong. It turns out every time she gets a nose bleed the nurse sends her home. I wondered why this happened, but I just ignored it and went on. About three weeks later, I was in my fourth period which is science. My teacher received a call in the middle of class, and she told me I had an early dismissal. I gathered my things and walked down the stairs. Nothing came to my mind that anyone was injured or sick or even if my parents just wanted me out of school early. I walked into the front office to find my dad standing there with a worried and exhausted look on his face. I was curious why he looked like that, but I didn't have the courage to ask him. He just looked so depressed and out of it. I just stayed quiet as we headed our way not home, but to the hospital. We entered through the door and a cold dark feeling whisped over my body, and I knew something was wrong. For a second I thought one of my grandparents was in the hospital. But my dad walked up to the desk and asked in a trembling voice as if he was about to cry, he asked that lady sitting there what room was Maya Hope in? As soon as I heard my little sister's name my heart dropped and 21

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