Grades 6-8 Prose 1st Place "Sisterly Love" by Erica Cedilla Klein ISD Grade 8 Teacher: Holly Walsh I never knew this would happen to me. All I did was hear about it. Although it never occurred to me that this could happen to someone I loved. My parents would tell me don't worry, she'll be ok. But inside I knew she was hurting and I knew my parents were't telling me the whole story. My life changed before my eyes as if it was a flicker of light in the distance telling me that someone I love has left this world and entered a new one up above, and I just sat there helpless not knowing what do to. Everything was fine until two years ago on October 3rd, 2008. It was a crisp fall morning in Ohio. My brown hair flowing through the breeze, the cool crips wind on my face as I ran through the leaves. I knew today was going to be a blissful day. My sister, Maya, had just woken up. She was eight years old and she would refuse to get up in the morning as she was an extremely deep sleeper. Her brown hair flying behind her and on her face she wore a sweet smile that could make everyone one happy in a blink of an eye. Maya came running up to me and jumped in my arms and said, "Good morning, Mikayla." Her cold face buried into my jacket as I squeezed her small body. I carried her inside for breakfast while she told me about her amazing dream with unicorns, rainbows, and other things that an eight-year old in third grade would dream of. We sat down at the breakfast table. I served her a bowl of cereal since she refused to eat anything else. She began telling my mom and dad about her dream. My dad sat on the couch drinking his coffee and got up and gave her a kiss on her forehead. He told her to never get older. Maya then walked away to the kitchen. We spent the whole day running in the yard and just enjoying the tremendous weather we had. We were playing tag then suddenly Maya fell face first in the dirt. I ran up to her and flipped her over, and I nearly screamed when I saw her face. She had a big bruise on her cheek and her nose was spewing blood down her face like a volcano. I screamed for my mom and dad and they came running out. They interrogated me like I was a victim of a crime scene. My parents asked me how did she fall and I explained that she was running. My mom asked how hard did she fall, and I responded with she fell very softly, but she fell face first. My dad carried her to the bathroom and my mom followed them and began to clean up her nose. I was worried it was my fault, and I caused her to fall but I knew I she was just simply running, and then she just fell like a leaf to the ground. My parents assured me it wasn't my fault, and they told me thank you for telling us right away. My mom said it looked she broke her nose, but there was 20

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