Grades 6-8 Poetry 3rd Place (tie) "Young Fox" by Haylee Smith Center for Teaching and Learning Grade 6 Teacher: Angela Bailey The white fur blows back in the cold breeze. The arctic fox's nose twitches to the snow that fall on its whiskers. He leaps into the air with pride. His fur glides through the air. The swift fox runs and leaps with pride and joy of his new territory. This land was his and ho others. A single snowflake glistens in the fog. He flicks his tail and barks. The fox sees more snowflakes fall upon the ground. His hair stands on end as it gets colder His luscious fu isn't enough warm him. He buries under the snow seeking warmth in it. He shivers and his pride falls. His heart pounds. This is not the pride and joy he was hoping for in his territory. Nose dry, whisker twitch. He smells something familiar, like his own scent. He peeks his nose out. Whiskers spring out of the snow. His curiosity guides him. He struggles to get out first, but he kicks his hind legs thrusting up and out of the fluffy snow. He catches some air, still barely off the ground. The fox lands on his side whining. The snow builds up fast as lightening. It begins to rage. He's forgotten about the scent. He no longer cares. The cold overwhelms the young fox. 19

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