mind as a headache started to form. How could something so cute cause so much pain? She snatched up the book in my hand that I was hiding behind and shoved it aside as she said: "Take your head out of that book and be brave. Do something for a change. And when you fail, you will finally understand who you really are. A stupid, dumb, idiot who doesn't know the difference between a freak and an adequate person who can and will succeed." Obviously that "adequate person" she talked about was her. And this time, it was her turn to walk way. Back at home... The scenes flashed through my mind. Not just from today, but all of them. "Freaking idiot! So stupid! You're so rude, too! Isn't she?" More flashbacks came, but they quickly ended. Then I stood up and looked into the mirror. My face was a dark red, and my hands were trembling. Tears were leaked down my chin. I washed off my face and sat back in my bed hugging my knees and buried my face deep into my arms. Their giggles flooded my mind and taunted me, draining me to do something about it. But I couldn't. So I sat up and didn't care, not anymore. I wouldn't. Next morning... "So, what do we have in store for today?" she asked me and her “hench women." "Let's see... Oh, yes! You're planning to torture me! Ah... Great plan!" I said sarcastically. "Finally! You actually decide to answer someone back! You know, besides the teacher. So since you're a year younger than us, You're going to do exactly-" she retorted. "Interesting... So what you're stating is that... I'm... smart? Or even intelligent? However could that be?" I spat with clear bitterness in my voice. I had a slight bittersweet taste in my mouth, but for the moment I just wanted to see if I could end this once and for all. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, and only a fraction of a second. During then, a glint of confusion, fear, and fury flashed through her eyes. "Well, it still doesn't change who you are. A-" 12

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