"Ironic how you people are the ones publicly ridiculing me," I responded, faking sassiness by staring at my nails. And with that last snarky comment, she stalked away as her "winged monkeys" fumbled to catch up with her. Their eyes glared at me as they flipped their hair and left. But one girl stayed. "I'm sorry. She's sorry, too. She's too angry to admit it," a soft feminine voice said quickly. I could hear muffled padding against the ground as if someone was running away. I barley had a chance to look at her, but by the time my head whipped up, she was gone. Must've been your imagination, I thought. But something told me it wasn't. And then... I woke up. "Hey, you okay?" she asked nudging my shoulder gently. "Yeah, just really tired," I lied through my clenched teeth. "It's time for us to go back inside the school. Come on!" she playfully hooked my arm through hers as I cautiously stood up, brushing imaginary crumbs off my plaid skirt. There was one thing that was right about that dream, I thought, I have never really enjoyed being around them. But still I ran with her across the field, racing to catch up with our class. Someday they'd know the truth. Someday. 13

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