“Quality When You Need It!” RACE SERIES Why Choose Dual Threat? LIGHT FAST STRONG, QUAD KEVLAR BELT STICKY COMPOUND FOR BEST TRACTION Larger extended side bites for cornering and added sidewall strength with traction in extreme terrain Superior 4 belted sidewall with best traction in all-terrain and conditions 16mm tread depth with wider tread spacing for superior traction and exceptional cleaning Flat tread profile with larger contact patch makes steering more predictable Reinforced apex bead prevents bead pinch flats and provides a stronger seal for low pressure riding lbs 500 400 300 200 Puncture Resistance MRT Competitors MRT SS - RUBBER COMPOUND “STICKY COMPOUND THAT WEARS” DUAL THREAT DUAL COMPOUND Part Number Size MRT-D30105K 30X10 R15 MRT-D32105K 32X10 R15 DUAL THREAT Description Items MRT / RACE SERIES PROARMOR DUAL THREAT - NEW 59 Stronger sidewall and tread core 52 Sticky super grip tread lugs Sticky Hard Ply Tread Depth lbs Load lbs MRT / RACE SERIES PROARMOR DUAL THREAT - NEW 10 16/25 36 1235 10 16/25 37 1390 MRT-MotoRaceTire.com | 17616 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647 | 844-667-3684 10 Ply Quad Belt

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