MR Race SeriesT MADE FOR THE TOUGHEST TERRAIN SUPERIOR ANTI-PUNCTURE TRIPLE BELT SPLASH “Quality When You Need It!” XROX Truck Tires / Wheels FROM THE ROCKS TO THE HIGHWAY, THIS TIRE WILL DO IT ALL! Exceptional steering predictability and braking, on road and allterrain conditions 20 mm tread depth E-Rated/ Military tested MRT sticky compound that wears 64 sticky duro compound up to 30,000+ mile wear 3200 lbs load rating New 17” Muscle Wheel design LIGHTWEIGHT TRUCK WHEELS STYLE 313 ENDURO ENDURO NEW 17” Wheels NOW AVAILABLE MRT SS - RUBBER COMPOUND “STICKY COMPOUND THAT WEARS” TRUCK TIRE MRT XROX DD E-RATED TRUCK TIRE Part Number Size MRT-X3056517K LT305/65R17 Description Items MRT / XROX DD TRUCK TIRE - 64 DURO lbs 500 400 300 200 Puncture Resistance MRT Competitors Ply Tread Depth lbs Load lbs Sidewalls 10 16/25 64 3200 DOT/COMP MRT-MotoRaceTire.com | 17616 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647 | 844-667-3684 64 DURO 30k+ Miles

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