“Quality When You Need It!” RACE SERIES MRT Tire Testimonials “Quality When You Need It!” I wouldn’t be able to do it without my MRT tires allowing me to hookup and pass people. They are amazing tires and would recommend them to everyone! ” Andrew Fausone MRT sells the best tires on the UTV Tire Market! Have been hitting the podium ever since I put these bad boys on. ” Brandon Bryant Romero Offroad finishes the Baja 1000, no spare required We ran the entire King of the Hammers on the original 4 tires we started with, no balls, no blocks, no B.S. just the best tires you can run period! ” Mark Shea Mark Shea These tires are only for those who need a tire that is very hard to flat and will run flat. In 2 seasons I ripped one sidewalk out at The Mint 400 and ran 20 mi at near race speed. George Felix MRT tires will be a huge part of this event and getting us to the finish line. Best tire hands down. Thank you for being such a great sponsor. ” ” Paul Hart 1st place finish at the Metal Cloak Stampede Renee A Fuscardo-Hudson MRT-MotoRaceTire.com | 17616 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647 | 844-667-3684 Bad ass tire. Makes the strongest most durable tire available. All I run. If you want the toughest tire out this is it. ” Phil Cagliero 1st place finish at the Ultra 4, 2016 and 2017 What was most impressive was finishing the race and still having enough tire for what seems like another 1000 miles. That's reliability!! ” Romero Offroad Racing Anthony Yount MRT drivers Sean Haluch and Alex Johnson take first and third at this weekends UTV Rally Cross in Maine. ”

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