PODIUM PROVEN UTV RACE TIRES! 3X/4X/6X KEVLAR BELT SIDEWALL Superior Sidewall Strength Superior Sidewall Strength through MRT's Continuous Improvement Program: MRT knows the importance of quality and demonstrates this through every step of manufacturing. By testing, and gaining critical user feedback, MRT refines every step of the process to deliver the best of breed tire. The best anti-puncture, the best strength, the best performance in all terrain. MRT owns specialized tooling at certified US test labs to test anti-puncture, measuring strength of sidewall and affects of sidewall impacts. MRT engineers use these tests along with the analysis of all flats / punctures to develop tires that now exceed 3X stronger than the competition! And we are not stopping there. We back our tires with our Continuous Improvement Program (CIP). Quality When You Need It! MRT delivers! www.motoracetire.com/mrt-continuous-improvement-program/ lbs 500 400 300 200 Competitors Puncture Resistance MRT KEVLAR - Aramid/Kevlar is an organic fiber, best suited for applications where toughness is preferred. These fibers offer high strength, low weight, desired stiffness and thermal stability, and are 43% lighter than fiberglass, twice as strong as E-glass, and ten times as strong as aluminum. These unique properties make it an exceptional fiber for use in MRT tires! PODIUM PROVEN UTV RACE TIRES! Experience drives results and quality. It’s this experience and years of racing and testing, that led MRT to develop its own proprietary blend of rubber using different levels and types of carbon, real rubber and synthetic rubber. The result is the MRT SS-RUBBER sticky tires! “Sticky compound that wears!” MRT SUPER STICKY (SS) COMPOUND MRT SS-RUBBER compound is designed for all race conditions, by racers! Proven to be the best UTV Race Tires on and off road. 59 Stronger sidewall and tread core 52 Sticky super grip lugs 42 SUPER STICKY super grip lugs MRT-MotoRaceTire.com | 17616 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647 | 844-667-3684

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