Name: Niamh Skelly Sixth Year Interviews Name: Joshua Gillen Best MCC memory: World Wise Global Schools Conference 2018 in Galway Most memorable school trip: TY walk up Stroove head Worst chat up line you’ve heard: anything by Eoin O’Doherty Advice I’d give 1st year self: take every opportunity your given and take part in as much things as you can. Best year at MCC: TY without a doubt! Gained so much confidence, was given so much opportunity to go places and learn new things I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done TY Hidden talent: I can eat a creme caramel in one slurp Something I won’t miss from MCC: Mr Monagle’s dad jokes Teacher you look up to and why: Mrs O Hare. She puts 100% into everything and wants to get the best out of everyone. She’s very motivated and loves what she does and keeps you motivated to keep going. Where I see myself in 10 years: travelling 93 Best MCC Memory: The school trip to Italy when we went to Gardaland in the pouring rain. Worst MCC Memory: When we had to leave school because of the coronavirus. Best Teacher: Mr. Monagle, because he keeps it 100% real . What will you not miss about MCC? Won't miss the staircase between buildings. Fav Motto: You can't change the people around you, but you can change the people around you First thing you would buy if you won the lotto? Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes. Advice you would give to your first year self? Do not care what others think of you, just do your own thing. Fav celeb? Ryan Reynolds. Dream car: Pat Gill’s one Quote you stand by? Don't blame a clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going back to the circus. Song of the summer? "Can I kick it" - Logic Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Hopefully out of quarantine Name: Will Farren Hidden talent: Can do the renegade in 6 seconds Best MCC Memory: sneaking out of the hotel in Galway and going to the nightclub #EYP What will you not miss about MCC? Not having to come up with excuses not to do PE Favourite Motto: Ca va? Nuala Foster First thing you’d buy if you won the lotto? A new building for the school Biggest sporting hero; Conor McCullough, county badminton player Fav celebrity: Julia Brol What could you not live without? My can of Monster every day after school

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